Droplet Precautions (Infection Control) | Medical Definition

4 Foods To Stay Away From For Losing Weight Fast

If you have been trying – and failing – to lose weight, you are certainly not alone, as this is something many people deal with. Here are some tips, however, to help lead you to that triumph in this area so few people ever end up reaching!

How You Can Prepare Yourself For A Breast Enhancement Treatment

It is very vital that you do the right preparations just before your breast augmentation procedure. It entails invasive surgical treatment which means that it comes along with risks. To be certain that nothing will go awry, you need to consider the suitable preparation.

Why You Can’t Trust Yourself With Your Business

Being healthy means feeling great and performing at your highest human potential. Forget the biggest loser or the other crap diets you hear about.

4 Tips For Managing (And Reversing!) Your Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult – especially when it comes to figuring out what to eat. Let these 4 tips help you!

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

Men and women who are looking for a freshened, more youthful look without undergoing surgery should consider Botox. Read up on these FAQs to determine if it would be right for you.

The DASH Diet Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure, Help With Weight Loss and Amp a Healthy Lifestyle

With its emphasis on eating a variety of foods and getting the right nutrients in the proper amounts, the DASH diet can help with many health issues. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, but it can help with much more than that. By lowering blood pressure it can help with heart disease, strokes, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, weight loss and helps teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Protecting Skin From Calluses and Digital Sclerosis

Often elderly individuals with diabetes will experience breakdown and compromised skin integrity. Calluses and digital sclerosis often occur, this is when the skin becomes thick, waxy and tight.

You Can Lose Weight Without Relying on Diet Meal Plans. Here’s How.

When we hear the word diet, most of us automatically associate this with eating well and slimming down. However, almost nobody actually takes the time to examine why this is.

5 Tips For Steady Daily Energy

Want to find a way to keep your energy level steady during the day? Here are 5 simple steps to avoid that midday energy crash to keep you feeling great all day.

Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?

When your dinner host asks you would you like more? What do you say? Yes or no? Sounds like a simple thing doesn’t it – but of course we know it’s not. Do you feel that you’d offend your host if you say No? Ask yourself – would you rather leave your dinner feeling overstuffed and guilty instead? Even though the holidays aren’t quite here yet, learning to say no graciously now will help you during the more challenging times ahead.

What Makes a Great Pair of CrossFit Shoes?

If you’re ready to take the plunge into CrossFit, it’s important to be kitted out correctly. You don’t really need to buy specific clothing but it would be wise to invest in a pair of purpose-designed CrossFit shoes. With so many choices of CrossFit shoes available, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Here’s a quick 7-step guide to help you select the right shoes for you.

Simple Tips To Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is very common. Most people will suffer with it at some point in their lifetime. It is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor. Back problems can come on because of a sudden injury, but more often it results from poor lifestyle habits.

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