Eat Golden Honey Daily to Lose Weight and Prevent Obesity

Picking Your Doctor in Pediatrics: Things to Look For

The world of pediatrics can be an overwhelming place for new parents. Here are some tips for selecting the right doctor for your baby.

Finding the Right Family Fitness Center

If you’ve made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, getting your spouse and children involved is a great way to enjoy some quality time together. Follow these tips to help find the right family fitness center for you.

Personal Care Is There for the Simple Tasks That Aren’t So Simple Anymore

Personal care is a great service for elderly people who need help with the day’s tasks, but do not want to live in a home. These professionals are available full-time on a live-in basis or hourly.

How to Handle Urgent Care Situations When Traveling

When you’re away from home, urgent care situations can still arise, from a unforeseen flu to a surprise injury. Here’s how you can help keep the minor medical incident from spoiling the whole trip.

Formaldehyde in The Home: What You Should Know and How to Protect Your Health

Formaldehyde is a colorless, hazardous chemical that is used in various manufacturing processes, most notably in laminate wood products such as flooring, plywood, and in high levels in carpet coatings. Formaldehyde gas levels were recently found to be very high in Chinese flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators, creating a lot of health concerns. This article provides information about these details and what you can do to protect your health.

Eating Healthy Fats For PCOS Weight Loss

Women with PCOS struggle to lose weight and cutting out all fats may seem an easy solution, but doing so deprives your body of some needed fats. In this article, you’ll discover: how eating the right fats can counteract some symptoms of PCOS, how learning the truth about fats can help guide healthy eating, and what good fats do for your body…

Exercising For PCOS Weight Loss

If you have PCOS, you might think it’s enough to simply watch what you eat. You might not realize the many benefits exercise can have but combining diet and exercise gives the biggest hope for success. In this article, you’ll discover: How exercise effect blood sugar, what types of exercises are best to work into your routine, how exercise can lessen other PCOS symptoms, and what other benefits exercise can bring…

What Is An Auto Immune Disease?

I spent a two year period involved closely with a research team at Bond University in Australia as they worked tirelessly to find out what causes autoimmune diseases in people. This was an interesting journey. Stress is believed to play a huge part in the cause of these types of diseases. Hormones are affected by high stress levels in women.

Get Motivated For Your Workout

I like exercise. Let me rephrase that: I like the benefits of exercise. I enjoy feeling strong and energized.

How to Keep Healthy and Maintain Your Health Standards

It is necessary and mandatory for every person to stay healthy. This is because staying healthy can help a person to live a very long life without having to face any serious health issues. If a person maintains his or her health properly, he or she can work efficiently and give a lot to the society.

Beware There Is A War On Our Health!

Promulgated within an organization of certain individuals in high places there is a secret agenda to systematically destroy the health of a significant number of the world’s human population… This message especially goes out to those ‘not in the know.’ For the well-being of you, your family and friends it is essential that you pay heed to the following information. There is a war on our health. Promulgated within an organization of certain individuals in high places there is a secret agenda to systematically destroy the health of a significant number of the world’s human population.

Heart Health: Our Emotional Heart Is Determined by a Healthy Emotional Brain!

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Franklin Jones – The death rate in San Diego is still 100% with cardiovascular heart disease still leading the way for our untimely demise. With the month of February being the National Heart Health Awareness Month, much is written on diet and exercise for cardiovascular health, but little is written about how our heart of love: our emotional heart, is controlled by our emotional brain for healthy love relationships. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, emotional health starts in the brain, in an area called the Limbic System, a.k.a. the seat of emotion. This area of the brain is where all the feel good chemicals called neurotransmitters are made, such as serotonin and dopamine. A Brain Reward Cascade occurs with the chemical reward being dopamine release. Dopamine is the feel good chemical that gives us a sense of well -being, is anti-anxiety and anti-depressive. If dopamine is in short supply, one often feels anxious, more depressed, difficulty focusing and easily distracted.

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