Eat These 26 Foods For Stronger Hair Growth

Learn About Yourself Through DNA

DNA mapping is a new tool for helping uncover one’s genealogy. Learn about its benefits in this article.

A Brief History of Genetics

The road to genetics began in the 19th century. Learn about the major developments that have led to today’s breakthrough discoveries.

Interesting Facts About DNA

What do you know about DNA? Not much? Not a problem, here is some interesting information to be aware of in regards to DNA and genetics.

How Fitness Genomics Works

Genetic technology is now redefining how to approach fitness. Learn how this will affect the future of exercise.

Health Issues That Can Be Helped by a Chiropractor

A chiropractor can help with neck and back issues. However, this health professional can also assist you with a variety of other health issues, too.

The Top Ten Most Commonly Implanted Medical Devices

We don’t often think of implanted medical devices in the same frame of reference as that odd old TV show “The 6 Million Dollar Man” but more and more of us are kind of like that guy! Implanted medical devices have become so common and so widely used over the years that many of us don’t even think of them as implants!

Another Day!

It happened in February, a fall at work. It is now May and I still can’t put any weight on my left foot. I have learned to pivot, reach, and crawl to manage simple tasks.

Live A Longer Life By Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Fitness of the body is the desire of every man or woman, as a healthy body can be the key to an active life, leading to happiness and success. But one needs to follow some healthy lifestyles, which will in turn, ensure better living and physical health of that person. These beneficial habits can save a person from many fatal diseases, like cerebral stroke, cardiac arrest, renal failure, malfunctioning of liver, lung infection and even some cancers.

8 Things You Must Know About Cholesterol

Our lifestyle has changed completely, hasn’t it? We all live in an era where we actually have no time to look after our health. The only thing that we run after at the moment is money. We get up early in the morning, rush to work, eat junk, work like crazy, skip our physical exercises, grab some more junk while returning home, and sleep, without paying any attention to what our body needs. Weekends are the worst. We get drunk and eat some more junk with our family members.

4 Herbal Medicines You Can Have Without Prescriptions

If you drag me to a philosophical world, I can tell you about all those things that have been combined together to make our body. This is not mere blood and flesh that we have. Our body has thoughts, intelligence, creativity, art, thirst for lust, and other such emotions that combine together to make us. However, scientifically, we are made up of different fats, compounds, arteries, nerves, blood, and other such things. Since we live in a practical era now, I would like to stick to the scientific world.

4 Home Remedies to Fight Cholesterol

The good news for all the people out there with increased levels of cholesterol is that there are several home remedies to help you balance the same. I agree that the allopathic and homeopathic medicines help to bring down the levels in almost no time at all, but if you can manage everything by staying as natural as possible, then there’s absolutely nothing like it.

E-Stores Exposed: Top 3 Confessions of Online Herbal Medicine Stores

“And you thought that you could blindly trust e-stores!” I completely agree that internet has brought the entire world closer. You get to buy everything that you want – right from those groceries to the latest technology cellphone – there is absolutely nothing that the internet and the e-stores haven’t got for you. However, how much can you trust the e-stores and the marketers in a place, which is completely virtual? After all, there is no proper store that allows you to see the things that you wish to buy. Moreover, a lot of online shops don’t even exchange or replace the defective products for you and you end up paying for damaged goods, at your own risk!

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