Eat THESE Foods to Absorb More Vitamin B12 in Your Diet ❗

Reiki Healing For Cancer – 3 Ways That It Can Help

Reiki, the ancient Japanese healing practice, has been credited with offering many health benefits but very few people know that it can also help people who suffer from cancer. This holistic healing style channelizes energy to bring about physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When it comes to cancer, this spiritual practice cannot treat cancer in any way or even prevent it from happening.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System Fast

I’m going to share with you some fast and easy methods to strengthen your immune system quickly. Whether you think you have a strong or weak immune system these tips will help you make sure your immune system is tough, and ready to ward off any potential diseases, cold or flu viruses. These tips are very easy to follow, but do require that you abide by them consistently to give your self an immune system boost.

Sticking to a Nutritious Diet at Airports

Many airports these days are filled with fast food restaurants and snack shops. This, combined with travel-stress, can spell disaster for your balanced diet if you are not careful. It can be very tempting to grab whatever looks appetizing when you are on the run, or when you are growing bored during a long layover.

Chiropractic Care for a Painful Shoulder, Or Is It Your Back?

Is the pain in your shoulder really in your shoulder? It might be in your back.

All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go?

Stress — there’s really no way to live without having some, I’m afraid. What are you doing with your stress? You can either deal with it or try to ignore it. This article gives a number of suggestions on dealing with and reducing stress in your life.

How Is Protein Absorbed in the Body

There is more and more clear-cut evidence proving that the traditional approach of eating more protein builds more muscle is not necessarily true. We will examine the exact process of how protein is absorbed in the body.

How Protein Builds Muscle

With a plethora of protein shakes and powders on the market, everyone wants to know which protein builds muscle most effectively. We will examine the actual process in which protein builds muscle tissue as well as what to look for in a protein supplement.

Discover How To Sustain An Ideal Fitness Lifestyle With These Suggestions

Fitness is not just about losing weight. Keeping fit is important for your overall health. Luckily, there are many ways to stay fit. Adhering to a healthy routine does not have to be difficult. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get in shape and then stay in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compounding Pharmacies

If you are facing the need to use a compounding pharmacy for the first time, there’s little doubt that you have questions. Compounding pharmacies are available, but they are not commonly used by most patients. Here are the most frequently asked questions about these pharmacies.

The Spring Season Brings Sports Physicals Season Too!

As winter sports wrap up, schools and athletics departments throughout Florida are preparing for the spring season events. Before any practices and try-outs can take place, student athletes will need to complete all sorts of paperwork to join a team. Most of these packets are pretty simple – they require parent signatures, copies of grades, waivers for bus rides – but the completion of the paperwork related to the sports physical always seems a little harder to complete and return immediately.

Flu Shot Options, Even Those With Egg Allergies

Patients with food allergies are used to looking for allergens lurking in their refrigerators and medicine cabinets. The last place people with egg allergies thought they needed to be concerned with were their flu shots. Even so, every winter, a small group of patients seeking to avoid the flu must waive their doctor’s request they receive a flu shot because of an egg allergy contraindication.

Funding Trends for Adult Stem Cell Research Pave the Way for Efficacious Therapies

Funding trends for the research of stem cell therapy and transplants indicates that there has been a shift from embryonic cells, which have moral issues, to non-embryonic cells. The latter is considered generally to be a much more ethical form of research.

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