Eating Sugar Causes Mucus to Increase in Your Airways ⚠️

Why Should You Choose A Garcinia Cambogia With Appropriate HCA Levels?

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the supplements that have made a buzz in the health and wellness community. Its popularity is partly a result of its being featured on the television show of a celebrated doctor, although as it is, it really does deserve the attention it is getting. It is known for its weight loss benefits, although its benefits may go beyond that.

Redefining Fitness At 50 And Beyond

As both a sport and an industry, fitness as we know it today is quite young – 50 years ago home gyms and commercial gyms were almost unheard of, especially outside major cities. While explosive growth has changed that massively, most fitness programs, routines and ‘truisms’ don’t apply to people trying to get back in shape at 50 and beyond.

The Endocrine System: The Music of the Body

The endocrine system enables the body to maintain a state of balance or equilibrium. It does so by causing adjustments in the normal cellular functions, processes and rhythms so they operate in harmony. Music is the organized rhythmic harmonic sounds that creatures consciously produce. They perceive it, appreciate it and respond to it. On the strength of these truths, the endocrine system is the music of the body.

7 Essential Elements To Check For In Any Air Ambulance Facility

With the development of medical care facilities, the Air Ambulance has become of the most essential facilities for critical care in a long distance medical transportation. Fitted with essential life support systems, this acts exactly like an ambulance within an Aircraft. While with the recent development of super-special care and expert medical facilities, the utility of Ambulance in an aircraft has acquired a special place of its own, as the swiftest mode of transportation of patient to the intended medical care.

Heat Related Illnesses What You Need to Know

Don’t fall victim to the heat this summer. Here is what you need to know about common heat related illnesses.

Can You Keep a Secret? Maintaining Patient Privacy

You visit your sick co-worker in the hospital or at home and he looks terrible. He’s not sounding like himself and he’s sharing way too much personal information. Then, you happen to see a pamphlet on the nightstand about a scary illness that you were not aware that he has. To top it off, some of his family are there in the room and are bickering. When you head back to the office that afternoon, everyone wants to know how he’s doing. What do you say? Maybe one of these examples will work for you.

Parabens – Stay Away!

Have you ever noticed cosmetic advertisements popping up the message “No Parabens”? And have you ever thought why the ads specifically give such a notification and why exactly are they important? If not, pay attention to it!

Olive Oil – For the Real Skin Care

Skin is the major outer protective layer of your body. It protects you completely from all environmental pollutants, but since you are to face the daily routine and walk out in the hot sun and face severe environmental conditions, your skin may lose its beauty and elasticity. However, it is your responsibility to keep your skin healthy.

Hair Cuts And Faces – Get The Right Style To Suit Your Face

It’s a well-known fact that you need to get the right hair cut to look as attractive as possible. There is no point in selecting a hair style only because your favorite celebrity has the same style. There are certain well-established combinations of haircuts and faces; you should therefore select a hairstyle that matches the shape of your face.

The Huge Popularity Of Juicing

Juicing your veggies is a good way to develop an improved lifestyle. It allows you to take in a larger quantity of vegetables than you would be able to by eating them complete and it allows you to mix a wide range of vegetables together. You can change them up and manage an enjoyable variety while juicing. Some general vegetables to use are celery, spinach, kale, carrots, and cucumbers. You can even add up to half of a lemon or a lime, just peel it first. Note, you ought to peel the carrots and cucumbers before juicing them as well.

Are HRAs, Biometric Screens, and Incentives in the Pursuit of Wellbeing Bad?

Someone figured out how to get paid for starting a witches’ hunt for hidden diseases at workplaces, and we forgot about those we pledged to serve. We get paid by employers for administering screenings far in excess of evidence-based recommendations.

7 Super Spices For Health

With so many Spice varieties available, it can be difficult to know which ones to go for? So I put together a guide of 7 Super Spices to help you on your way. And even if you don’t like super spicy foods, you can still enjoy the health benefits of organic spices by consuming these spices in pill or capsule form; which can be bought at any good health food store.

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