Fatigued and Tired All The Time? 9 Shocking Reasons You’re Always-Tired!

i’m back to to and today i’m going to give you mine shocking reasons why you may always be tired so am i talking to you are you always tired even when you think you’ve had a good night’s sleep do you tend to wake up feeling fatigued are you someone who feel sleepy at work do you not off while trying to help your kids with homework do you find yourself to be too tired to exercise so you fall asleep during movie night if so you are not alone there are many people who are always tired but what they don’t know is that this the team is often due to an underlying medical reason keep watching dr free to i’m an indie who has been triple board certified in there follow g internal medicine and pediatrics and today i’m going to give you nine shocking reasons why you may always feel tired now the term for feeling tired is fatigue and partying is actually quite a common complaints but again what many people don’t know is that the is not always just a simple fix many people decide that if they just get better rest than it should be cured but if your fatigue is due to an underlying medical cause it may maybe deeper and in that number one’s obstructive sleep apnea obstructive sleep apnea occurs when you literally stopped breathing at night so if you are a person who snores have he’s been told that you snore and then you stop breathing you very well may have obstructive sleep apnea obstructive sleep apnea may cause you to be very sleepy in the daytime you may be drowsy you may be grump be you can have headaches it can even cause you to have high blood pressure so obstructive sleep apnea is a reason why you may always be tired number two and mania or low blood there are many causes of for ladies they can be if your cycles if your menstrual cycles are very heavy or if you haven’t been around you or you can also sometimes lose blood in your stool or through your g i system we don’t even know it if you have a bleeding ulcer or bleeding polyp or even a colon cancer malignancy you could be losing blood and it’s not always obvious some time scientists still don’t look red they don’t look like you have blood and it’s occult blood some other causes of anemia could be genetic or hereditary causes at any rate if you are anemic that certainly could be a cause of always feeling tired also having certain vitamin deficiencies like low fo late or low vitamin d two well can cause anemia number three fiber disease if you have low thyroid function or he’d have an overactive thyroid both can cause you to half of tea or to always felt tired now low thyroid is called hi both directions them and those symptoms may include feeling fatigued having a slow heart rate…read more here

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