Fenestrated vs Non-Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tube (Medical Overview)

Car Accident And Delayed Onset Of Symptoms: What Everyone Needs To Know

Many injuries suffered in car accidents do not show up right away. Often the symptoms do not show up for days or weeks, everybody should be aware of this.

All You Need to Know About Constipation and How to Deal With It

Constipation is a condition caused due to irregular (lower) bowel movements in the body. Affects majority of people and can be cured in a few hours.

Dr Neal Rockowitz, MD, On Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Neal Rockowitz, MD, Owner of Rockowitz Orthopadeic Center, gives an informational and insightful interview into the advantages of Anterior Total Hip Replacement. Dr. Neal L. Rockowitz, M.D is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Biology from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Rockowitz then went on to earn his medical degree from McGill University Medical School in Montreal, Canada. A fellowship in joint replacement surgery with Dr. Richard Rothman was completed at Pennsylvania Hospital and Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Food, Exercise and a Positive Attitude – That’s All Your Body Demands

Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and hardly respect our body. We forget that the body rebels soon enough. Eating right, daily exercise and a positive mindset are the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. But it takes self-awareness and determination. Do you have it in you?

Natural and Herbal Ways To Lighten Hair

Blondes are always complaining that the rude “blonde jokes” they have to face stem from utter jealousy about their beautiful golden hair. And of course, they are right. Black hair can be silky and shiny.

3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Lice can be an irritating experience. All of a sudden, you find your prized hair possessed by creepy crawlers whose only purpose seems to be to breed and lay eggs and make your life a general misery. Your scalp itches, and you feel awful.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer Or Cure It!

Any type of serious illness, diseases including cancer knows no boundaries. It doesn’t choose nor pick a certain age; it will do this if there is a weakness or a loophole somewhere in the defence system in the body. According to Cancer Society’s there is a 45% possibility that male or female will develop cancer in his or her lifetime. Some of those statistics are scary; to know of a problem and to face it front on is by far better than being oblivious about it, sticking the head in the sand and hoping nothing will happen. Just this week a sad story about a young woman aged 28 diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma; she says: I had no idea this was coming, I never sun-baked or even used a solarium. There is no family history of melanoma, I’d always covered up and cancer now has spread throughout my body. Why did this person get such a death sentence? Maybe not “enough” sun; we do need some of it! This may confirm some of the statements in one of my articles: MELANOMA – IS THE SUN THE CULPRIT OR IS THERE SOMETHING ELSE AT PLAY?

Essential Oil Spotlight: Peppermint

Our weekly essential oil spotlight highlights the different essential oils, their uses including alternative medicine, known healing properties, cleaning properties and any other pertinent information about a specific essential oil. This week’s spotlight will highlight Peppermint.

New Year’s Resolution Success Guide – 3 Steps to Following Through

Guarantee New Year’s resolution success with the right mental approach. New Year’s resolution statistics indicate that only 8% of Americans follow through on their resolutions. I’m here to make sure that you aren’t one of those people.

Top 7 Health and Fitness Strategies to Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Getting in shape isn’t the easiest thing to do. If it were, we’d all be doing it. There are some simple things you can do so your efforts to get fit pay off. Here’s how.

The Importance of Enzymes in Our Body

Chemical reactions within our body are necessary for it to survive. For these biochemical reactions to be set off, they need a catalyst. Such catalyst comes in the form of enzymes. In this article, we break down the three types of enzymes and the vital roles they perform.

Your Health Care – Is It Healthy For You?

Annual checkups, lab tests, health screenings, vaccinations, prescription drugs – do they add up to better health? Consider these facts as you decide…

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