Foods High in Salt Cause an Increase in Mucus [AVOID Sodium] ⚠️

Becoming An Effective Yoga Teacher: How To Teach Yoga Classes

When a former student has survived and passed their 200 hour yoga teacher training and they’re ready to teach a yoga class, the idea can be daunting. Learning how to teach yoga classes can’t be taught from classes, books, or online videos…

The Debate Is Over: The Benefits Of Juicing Versus Blending

Are you going crazy? You want to do the best thing for your body by juicing and blending, but what’s best?

Stop Late Night Cravings

Could your hormones be the reason why you are not getting the weight loss results you want? Here are some reasons why your hormones may be out of balance and easy ways to balance those hormones again.

Dealing With Death, a Personal Perspective

Everybody has different ideas on how to cope with grief. As everyone is different, we all grieve differently. I wanted to share with you my ideas, based on personal experience, on how to cope when someone you love passes away…

How To Grow Taller Through Exercise

Exercise is a very important and effective technique in growing taller. Eating a healthy diet is also important, but you have to exercise regularly to help in increasing your height effectively. Not all exercises can help in making you grow taller, although exercise in general is beneficial for the overall well-being of the body. There are specific exercises that can help you increase your height successfully. These exercises often focus on the legs and spine. Doing these exercises regularly can help add a few inches to your height.

There Are Ways To Grow Taller Than Your Normal Height

As we are all aware, the height of an individual is a genetic disposition. However, this fact does not negate the possibility of growing taller, if not more at least by 2-4 inches. There are certain simple techniques you can use to increase height. These simple techniques help you to beat your genes and lengthen your appearance naturally. They include exercise, food habits, adequate sleep and healthy lifestyle changes.

How Did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Originate?

Ask any non-native Latin American what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is and the answer would pertain to it being a MMA combat sport which focuses on specifically on self-defence through grappling and ground fighting. Its roots firmly established in Japanese martial art-form known as Kadokan Judo that was widely practiced during twentieth century’s earliest years, credit for having made this combat form famous the world over goes to the founder of Judo, Kano Jigoro. Legend has it that when the pioneering master decided to introduce his form of martial art to the world, he appointed Mitsuyo Maeda, one of…

Toxic Mercury and Your Brain – Why You Need to Be ProActive

Avoiding Alzheimer’s becomes a major health goal of anyone familiar with the statistics. Here’s proof of the links between toxic mercury and the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimers. See for yourself, and then get your own free self-questionnaire in the resources listed here.

Important Factors in Choosing a Nail Salon

A set of healthy, manicured nails decorated with intricate art work is sure to grab eyeballs. And, this is exactly the type of attention women desire to have. However, women who struggle with their manicure and pedicure see this as a distant dream. Not anymore because there are nail salons to help women with the job. They are a one stop solution for all types of manicure, pedicure and funky nail art. But, one has to be careful when visiting a nail salon. Why? We’ll tell you the reasons below.

Low-Calorie Artificial Sweetener Soft Drinks: Beware of the Dangers!

Recently, to deal with a slump in sales a well-known soft drinks manufacturer rolled out a massive advertising campaign. The irony of this advertising campaign was the fact that it promoted their no-or-low calorie artificial sweetener drinks as weight loss, safe alternatives. Some of the most serious health problems; skyrocketing obesity, diabetes, various neurological or behavioural problems… are due to the affects of these soft drinks…

The Fool Proof Way to Count Your Calories, and Stay on Track

A protein, a carb, and a fat. There are three of them and when you are first starting out, it can seem a bit confusing. When you Google it, all these elaborate plans, numbers, and research findings pop up, and your further back than you were before you even began. So, you grab the bag of munchies, sit down and say “Meh, I will start next week, I need to do some research.”

The Fitness Vice of Good Food

Everyone has fitness vices. Is yours that you love to eat? This article will help you learn how to stop food from hindering your fitness progress.

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