How Long Will an Oxygen Cylinder Last? [Oxygen Tank Duration]

7 Things You Might Be Worried About With Your Knee Surgery

Knee surgery has a high success rate and the majority of time occurs with no complications. However, as with all surgeries there is a very small risk of complications. That small risk might be making you worry when there’s no need to do so.

Importance Of Surgery For Ligament Tears

Knee injuries are quite common in athletes. The most common knee injuries are in the form of ligament tears, ACL and LCL injuries are two types of ligaments that can be damaged or torn. These two types of ligament tears cause sudden and sometimes unbearable pain. Top orthopedic surgeons will sometimes suggest that the ACL injury undergoes limited healing.

Recovery Process For Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is the process where the damaged bone and cartilage of the hip joint is replaced with implant through surgical procedures. During hip replacement surgery, hip surgeons replace the damaged ball and socket with an artificial cup socket.

Three Simple Things You Can Do to Transition to A Vegan Diet

This article is written for those looking to transition to a vegan or more plant-based lifestyle. This will give you some tips and tricks to make your transition a bit easier.

Best Protein For Athletes

The best protein supplements for athletes are generally the ones that have a combination of protein sources. We will examine exactly what serious and professional athletes look for in a protein supplement.

Keys to Staying on Track With Your Fitness – Develop a Workout Strategy That Works For You

Find it hard to find the motivation to work out? Maybe it is time to rethink your workout strategy? This article provides some easy keys to help you stick with your fitness regime.

Dental Cavity Prevention Tip

Cavities are holes in teeth due to tooth decay. They are also known as caries. Two major contributors to tooth decay are bacteria and a diet high in sugar and starch.There are over Five hundred different types of bacteria that are always present in the mouth.

Two Simple Exercises for Elbow Pain Relief

Suffering with elbow pain? Learn these two simple, yet effective exercises to help relieve elbow pain.

How to Stay Healthy and Germ Free at the Health Club and Gym

Staying physically healthy is important, however, using public health clubs and gyms can result in contracting any number of illnesses. Learn which areas of gyms and health clubs are “germ hot spots”, which germs, bacteria, and viruses are present, and how to keep yourself safe.

Are You Healthy, Slim or Just Skinny?

Within the widespread public the impression of being under athletic limits of weight and being healthy is more or less the same. But if one is slim or even weighing less than normal then too there is no certainty of him/her being unconditionally fit to combat the odds. Cases where a person is slim with active persona but undergoes sleeplessness, hunger cramps, is worried all the time, has to take sleeping pills to calm then would you tag the individual healthy? No not at all. Being physically fit is not just on the beyond, a perfectly healthy individual is one who has both physical and mental peace and is able to take up all daily routine hurdles popping time to time.

Natural Cancer Protection

Scientists are discovering what has been around us all along – natural food that helps protect your body from cancer and carcinogens that are always around us. Yes, breast cancer rates have been declining by 2% each year but you still need to be defensive.

Love and Dignity With Alzheimer’s Disease

Love and dignity. Those are two requirements that I hold dear when I think of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. They are also the two words that come to mind when I see anyone with this disease, whether I know and care for them or not. It is not easy to stare into vacuous eyes of a formerly vibrant individual and not draw back in horror. However, I know in my heart that the dimmed person I see is entrapped in an impossible-to-untangle mesh. Read on to learn more about the value of love and dignity.

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