How These 6 Different Foods Affect Your Brain

Top Health Benefits of Coffee

Most people start out their mornings with a cup of coffee to help them wake up and prepare for the day. It now seems as if people have another reason to make sure they start their days with this tasty hot beverage; the nutrients within it that impart the health benefits of coffee.

Top Health Benefits of Apples

The health benefits of apples are significant and who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly picked apple, or a warm apple pie in the fall? We all remember the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”. Aside from being a memorable childhood rhyme, it is based on the fact that apples have great health benefits and an interesting history to go with it.

How to Maximize the Nutrition You Get From Your Fruits and Vegetables

I can remember so many times as a child my mother telling me that there was more nutrition in the “pot liquor” and in peels than is often found in the fruit or vegetable itself.  By “pot liquor” I mean the nutrient rich vegetable broth after cooking them in some water. This is where the nutrition is really found.

Colon Cancer Symptoms in Men and How to Cure Them

We need our colons. The colon stores matter to be excreted from the body at our convenience. Without colons we would be like birds, having to eliminate all the time. But like all cancers, colon cancer is only representative of what is happening to the whole body. We don’t suddenly ‘catch’ a cancer and it lodges in our colon. Things have been deteriorating for quite some time when we finally realize we have cancer.

Essential Fatty Acids for Good Health

The importance of supplementing with adequate essential fatty acids (e.f.a’s) is often overlooked. Essential fatty acids are necessary to maintain proper cellular structure and function. They are required to decrease inflammation in the body and blood vessels. E.f.a’s are not always found in abundance in a standard diet, so often need to be supplemented with a high quality fish oil.

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Today, with the massive flow of information regarding foods, nutrition and label reading, most consumers know that wellness begins in the kitchen. And, that we should avoid foods that are laden with preservatives or sprayed with harmful pesticides. However, the average consumer may not even be aware of certain other common practices that influence the nutrients in our foods.

Breakfast Is Breakfast – Isn’t It?

What to eat? There’s so much confusion, mis-information and propaganda out there! The major sponsors of the upcoming London Olympics include McDonald’s, Coke and Cadbury, so does that imply that’s what Olympic athletes use to fuel their body for optimum performance? This article concentrates on breakfast and getting your day off to a good start. Bon apetite!

A Free Way to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

When the time for New Year’s Resolutions comes around, keeping them doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Maybe the best solution for you is right under your nose – and free of charge!

Top Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are some of the most widely eaten fruits in the world, as well as some of the most readily recognized due to their distinctive shape and bright colors which, added to the health benefits of bananas, makes them a household stable. They are nutritious and readily eaten raw, and are mostly composed of sugars, such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose, in addition to fiber. As a result, they are among the best choices for a source of energy that gives both immediate boost and more prolonged boosts. There are a number of additional benefits to bananas that have been discovered in recent years that may result in a higher quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds. The mindful consumption of bananas help people live healthier and more active lives through taking advantage of the energy and health benefits bananas can provide.

Are Commercial Juices Safe For Kids?

Malnutrition is a growing epidemic. It is a major problem especially in third-world countries. It happens when the body is not getting the recommended amount of nutrients.

Introduce Your Child to the World of Healthy Delicacies

The increasing rate of obesity among children is a matter of growing concern. Recent studies have proved that today’s children are eating more high-calorie food while the important fruits and vegetables are missing from their diet. Thankfully, there are many delicious yet healthy products that can make food choices easier for children as well as parents.

Knowing “Research” From Shinola

Consumers are bombarded with new diet and fitness programs on a regular basis. Many of them claim to be based on new research. Learning to recognize real researched programs versus fad diets is key to living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

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