How to Calculate Pack-Years (Smoking) 🚬

Patient Empowerment – Not Just the Emperor’s New Clothes

If you’re familiar with the parable written by Danish author and poet Harris Christian Anderson, April 2, 1805-August 4, 1875, patient empowerment is not just the emperor’s new clothes. Stated differently, if you not familiar with the short story, patient empowerment is not a bandwagon of ballyhoo being driven and ridden by cowardly self-deceived blindfolded conformists, traveling through a fantasyland of nothingness.

Use a Self Defence Class to Avoid Being Selected As a Victim

Understanding Victim Selection and how to use Self Defence training to avoid being a victim. An understanding of criminal motives and the victim selection process is a key component to self-defence and crime prevention. Because when you know what exactly it is that attackers look for, you have a better understanding of the preventive steps you can take to avoid victimisation.

For Natural Headache Relief and Respite From Joint Pain, Turn To Eucalyptus

A person can be happy as long as he is healthy. Any king of pain, small or big, temporary or consistent; is like putting a cog in the wheel of normal day to day activities for any person. Though it gives immediate relief, most over the counter drugs are not as good for your body as you think they are; because they temporarily take care of the problem but fail to give you a long lasting solution.

Top 10 Tips For Staying Motivated to Do Your Daily Workout

If you have just started on your 30 day free online exercise program, you may be skeptical if you can maintain a regular workout schedule. Many people easily get discouraged when they don’t see immediate results.

Hairline Fractures and Their Causes

Hairline fractures, otherwise known as stress fractures are caused by repetitive forces acting on the bones usually in places such as the foot and lower limb. Due to an imbalance between the resorption and growth of new bone tissues and cells, bones are unable to regenerate and timely replacement cannot happen. Due to this fatigue, micro cracks in the form of hairline fractures are ultimately formed. What are some causes of hairline fractures?

Metatarsal Stress Fractures

A teenage girl presents complaining of pain in her forefoot. The pain first started 2 weeks ago and has gradually worsened. She noticed swelling over the top of her foot a couple days ago. She recently started long distance running and started training for a half-marathon. She states that her pain worsens the longer she runs and gets somewhat better when she is off her feet. What could be the cause of her pain?

Medical Uses Of Botox Most People Don’t Know About

Botox is known for being an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. However, most people don’t realize it can be used to address medical problems as well.

Hip and Knee Replacements: Two of the Most Common Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

Hip and knee replacements are two of the most common orthopedic surgery procedures performed today. Both involve replacing joints with metal or plastic replacements that will relieve joint pain caused by arthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases.

Tonsil Stones and Their Treatment

Tonsils are soft fleshy structures located in the throat. They are comprised of specific tissues that are mainly made of lymphocytes which are cells in the body that help with the body’s immune system by fighting and preventing infections. They catch bacteria and viruses that attempt to enter the throat and cause harm to the person.

Exercise – The Fountain of Youth

Exercise is miracle cure for diseases and path to well-being and active ageing, also fountain of youth. It triggers growth so you can be active till life end.

About The Health Benefits Of Yoga Training

The practice of yoga can have measurable effects on well-being and mood. A 2012 University of Michigan study showed that yoga can help pregnant women, who were considered at high risk for postpartum depression, benefited from a 10-week period of yoga exercises.

Relax And Be Free!

We all wish to feel free. Simple self discipline introduces us to this pleasant experience as we learn to be still and allow half an hour of personal time. Each time we release strain and can feel mind states and emotions that are natural to us when we surrender our tensions and personal pains we grow in inner peace and confidence.

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