How to GET THE MOST from Your Family Doctor GP Appointment 👩‍⚕️

Whether you’re anxious about seeing the doctor it’ll pass you haven’t been for a very long time in today’s episode of justin are taking three of my central steps are preparing for the adults with digits as a general practitioner i see literally hundreds of people every single week if not months and the commonest things that i noticed is that people do not prepare for that doctor’s visits and so today’s episode is about helping each of the past few a doctor’s visit because let’s face it sometimes you only got about ten fifteen minutes ago but everything we do medical doctor and to come up with this mission at the end so sit back relax and enjoy this episode we don’t just golly and i fucked thought let’s talk about preparation preparation it’s absolutely key when you go and see a medical doctor it’s old tacoma that i see people that come into my do they take a seat and they look at me with a blank face and they almost expect me to know what’s wrong with him through telepathy but guys unfortunately i do have that skill and so i offer you a before come in while hit you in the waiting for five ten minutes how to think about what it is you’re actually coming in for it may seem like common sense to know what you’re coming in for seeded up to but sometimes we can get a little bit stage fright we can get a little bit anxious we see the doctor but if you have to think about what it is that she won’t see them full of hops right to the list to tell them what it is and you’ve seen them for it will immensely help you especially for somebody who is a little bit forgetful so what do i mean by what is your problem well think about what is your issue that you come in for what they want issue didn’t want me to issue or am i the even more than that if it is more than two or three issues i generally tend to say cheers your time wisely choose the most important problem they’ve got me through adults remember they have a limited amount of time or you didn’t really want a welling with all of that information because they may not be able to keep you as full of a diagnosed as you wish so perhaps you might want to do one thing one week and then another problem the other week so i think about the most problematic issue for you pops at that time we’ve had that you’ve had all that nagging feeling and you’ll tell you just kinda want to know what’s going on think about what it is and be able to express yourself confidently and coherently as to how long the problem is being a fool when did it start how is it progressing over that time is it guessing backpack is it getting what is it about the same think about what kind of triggers might be causing it to happen pop seeping will halo on that first will pass you mean doing exercises and been doing half an hour every day and you’ll so is getting so a she just needs some new trainers think about what is causing it pops you may not even have any triggers whatsoever it might be that you’ve noticed that your tongue pain is coming on randomly throughout the day regardless of what you’re eating how to think about what it is that could be causing if anything cause to next up on my list is solutions what i mean by this well solutions means that have you tried any think yourself so i have a lot of patients that come and see me and they said to me don’t know what my total has been throwing me for the past four weeks five weeks it’s so it’s not getting back to you know i haven’t tried anything yet what should i do well it’s really easy for you guys and it was trying to think and i’m sad and that little if you don’t want students for adult suspected it actually really helps us understand what could be causing your pain for example if you have a nice spring for example sometimes actually help taking on if i’m a cheap because that will help us understand that it’s a sprain or an information of some sorts because generally speaking with an unsafe i’m your tablet the pain tends to get better and so if i get enough information that you’ll must be a pain to go back to with an answer and it’s i’m a tree it will help us to give a diagnosis cheap next up on my boat is the good old fashioned list now i have seen some of this in my time in some if some of them a very succinct and some of them i have just full but it points and others can be about three pages long three a four pages long and guys i i really appreciate you taking the time to write down to oil to go symptoms but you have to bear in mind that as a relatively time poll practitioners we don’t have enough will flow to time to read three three or four pages of feel symptoms and sometimes we need to take that back ah in a lunch break and we need to read it and we the mtv a diagnosis there and then on the spot because obviously takes us time to digest what you’ve written so carefully and it takes us time to understand be a symptoms but if you for example have say four or five say in symptoms that you really want to talk about for example my toe it it was at night time it snowed backed with some engine flame of trees i’m as ready by wonder why they pick a shoe that will help us to understand where you’re coming from but if you’re right then my toe it’s painful when my cat is around me and you know and i will show the kitchen and i take a couple of gossip bullshit and sometimes it hurts and sometimes doesn’t not that kind of list is preferably not advised but when you are seeing a doctor or you can do it but it may just help us just to cut out all of the fluffy nice just to get straight to the point to it we can unsigned cheap ass up and saying that as well it’s also really handy if anybody who thickets if like me when you see somebody might insult me forget what your death for and that happens to a lot of patients and i’ll often get patients as they will hang out of the door and say oh i forgot to tell you this so…Learn more here

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