How to Make HEALTHY Carrot Cake | Doctor Explains Low Calorie Ingredients

Hello and welcome in spades actually there’s all snow i think he threw my tried and tested healthier version of carrot cake yes that is right there is a such thing as having a healthier cake and on lot to prove that to you very shortly to sit back relax and enjoy cooking lived up to north because the moment you’re sitting there having a nice cup of tea or coffee and guys always coffee well a lovely piece of cake but what is inside that cake well typically in your typical cafeteria you’ll take away related of hydrogenated fat that we don’t have oil sugar it will be so calorific an unhealthy that you think to yourself well this little st has got go the pen but what if that’s a way to make that treats a little bit healthier less calories less oil less sugar oh my goodness what can we possibly do well they chained because i’m about to share with you my favorite all time recipe off of this wonderful budget of carrot cake you will need three xnon teasing organic eggs will need a cup of plain flour for any old time it’s just on these gluten free alternative to know because i didn’t like there isn’t too much you will need a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda two teaspoons of baking powder two teaspoons of cinnamon my favorite spots all time they’ll need a handful of all nuts you’ll need some pineapples know this will become very clear is why i’m using pineapples very shortly and we’re also going to be using a spray of maple syrup and this is sugar free maple so it was a hospital less calories late we’re not guessing but you also need three carts will to be gracious like i grazed myself by the hill will not as we said and some days i’m using dates she can use raisins if you wish and will also need a few great teams all the ginger loving loving ingredients dumpster to take you through some health benefits of these ingredients i focus on just isn’t as high stick hub that is or root even that it’s some great for those times was it cold at once you up it also helps her immune system as well as the helps to improve your music and check out my immune boosting video in the description below how this can help you boost your immune system they are packed with a natural sugars that packed with all the vitamins and minerals such as potassium magnesium natural blue skies as well and they taste absolutely gorgeous and it’s cold will not all packed to the brim with more and you can such as between e which is great for your skin your nails and it’s also fun tactic for your immune system as well and not to mention the trusty old cart cards a piece of cashing in between which is fantastic for thought and also your skin as well so all my pay well i have a lot of nutritious foods and how is it that we can tend these ingredients like he could find in your country or in your fridge into something that is going to be quite magnificent well fucked up we’re gonna need to get our car it’s ready for this i am going to peel my carrots and great them now for those of you who have another granted anything before in your life i trust me it is it’s very simple make sure you get your peel and eat appeal away from the south hills what you put half of that you don’t cut yourself when you’re doing this kind of closest something that is useful for adults yeah be good and what up my harris is now sealed you can use these i’m coughing for compulsive you all composting something or fingering growing some vegetables he’s a great on a compost pile next up the ones who great you’ll cards and i’m using ah just a minor gracious it but you can if he wants to you don’t have to watch how you can use electronic stray shots so i tossed me find that if i’m going to have a cake i need to wake up the calories even though this is a lower calorie options i still want on my carrot cake at the end so little bit afraid to help we kind of see not your car it’s just saw two lumpy in your attacked ships take this print how many says toy just smells and that texture and the taste of the carrot and then even a little bit left me mm now the account is nicely grace it up as you can see it like if not hunted by the rest of your ingredients i’m this i’m using i had some natural dates which i’m going to cut in courted removing the hips of course cause nobody wants to eat the seed of the date taking this out on the tiniest pills on is if you don’t like dates us in the proceedings because they have a bit more nutrition to them competitive so talented and i’m discussing them up into tiny little pieces say that when it does going into the cake they’re small piece pieces all spread nice and evenly throughout the day and then know if i’m going to start just cutting my will not pieces into smaller segments as well because well not taste a lot nicer when they for for some reason next time i’m going to have a little bit of freshly grated ginger enough…Learn more here

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