If You’re DIABETIC, Eat These 7 SUPERFOODS Low On The Glycemic Index Level

Isolate Income to Individual Business Activity Streams

Many providers in the contemplative stage and others redeveloping existing initiatives hire professional marketers and public relations professionals to educate the community on what their program has to offer. Others have to write well defined business plans in order to help secure the financing for your growth and diversity campaigns. We have long recommended that before composing the total picture, isolate your income to operational divisions. In this way you can keep a more defined look on your expenses and income as they are segmented into departments. Some call this the retail approach and it is really meaningful when one area has to financially cover another for a time.

Managing Winter Blues With SAD Lights

Some people experience a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder once every year. To treat this disorder, people may opt for SAD light therapy to help elevate one’s mood and to decrease the other symptoms of depression.

How Age Spot Remover Works

Age spot remover may work in several ways, depending on the ingredients. Here’s a look at some of the common ingredients and what they do.

Natural Remedies: Do They Work? If So, How Fast?

Natural remedies? Home Cures? Cureology? “Cure” + “Ology”, literally means “the study of cures”. What works, what doesn’t and what natural remedies or natural cures are most likely to help you? Listen up! Are you patient enough to look and look, or do you want to know what will work now? Some natural remedies can hurt you or don’t work. Other home cures are grounded in credible scientific principles as put forth by Mother Nature. It is true that some nat

Healthy Meal Choices for Truck Drivers

Over-the-road truck drivers are what keeps this country supplied with just about everything we use. The country needs you and your families need you to be healthy and be around for a long time. Most truckers can’t go hit the gym for an hour every day, and thinking you have to live on a diet of “sticks and berries” is downright depressing. Fortunately, there’s a solution. It just takes a little planning, a bit of education about nutrition and an adjustment or two.

Skier’s Thumb

A thumb sprain is an injury of the main thumb ligament at the base of the thumb, the ulnar collateral ligament. Skier’s thumb is another term for a thumb sprain. Ligaments are the soft tissue components that hold two bones together to stabilize a joint. You weaken your pinching and grasping abilities if you tear the ulnar collateral ligament. Because of the popularity of recreational skiing in the United States, skier’s thumb is a common orthopedic injury. When the ulnar collateral ligament is completely torn, the injury must be surgically repaired.

Common Wrist Sports Injuries

Wrist injuries are more commonly seen among people who participate in sporting activities, such as gymnastics, contact sports, skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and racquet sports. This articles explains the four common mechanisms of injury, the common wrist sports injuries, and how these injuries are treated.

Trigger Finger Causes and Treatment

One of the more recent national trends in the fitness industry is the rise of Crossfit, and with at least 12 of these fitness gyms located throughout the city, Seattle is no exception. This is a high intensity workout method that focuses on major body movements to train multiple muscle groups simultaneously. One of the movements performed regularly by avid Crossfitters is the pull up. Of course, a strong grip on the overhead bar is required to complete this exercise, especially the “kipping” variety, where the athlete rocks the body and uses the shifting body weight to assist in the lift. With its emphasis on pull-ups as a foundational exercise, Crossfitters have started to see their share of wrist and hand injuries, one of them being trigger finger.

Wrist and Elbow Fractures

Distal Radius Fracture The radius is the larger of the two forearm bones. The end near the wrist is referred to the distal end, and the end close to the elbow is called the proximal end. Distal radius fractures are breaks in the radius bone close to the wrist. Most distal radius fractures occur when you fall onto an outstretched hand or from a car accident or other trauma. When the distal radius fractures, there will be instant pain, bruising, swelling, and limited range of wrist motion. Sometimes, the wrist will appear deformed or out of alignment.

Getting Spider Vein Treatment on Your Tired Legs

There are many things that can appear on your legs that make them less attractive. Many of them are preventable and treatable. There are ways to get spider vein treatment to give your legs a younger look.

Main 3 Advantages Received From Chiropractic Care

A well-known natural healing technique is spinal manipulation. The spine houses the nerves that send signals through the entire human body. When this gets out of alignment from injury or poor posture, the endings of the nerves will become pinched or inflamed. The chiropractor knows how to perform realignment on the spine, and this helps the nerves heal. Below read about the 3 main advantages chiropractic care provides for back issues.

Ankle Fractures – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Ankle injuries are among the most common of the bone injuries. An ankle fracture is also known as a broken ankle. These types of fractures occur when one or more of the ankle joint bones separate into pieces. It is typical for the ankle ligaments to be damaged with an ankle injury. The types of ankle fractures and injury we cover include lateral malleolus fracture, medial malleolus fracture, posterior malleolus fracture, bimalleolar fracture, and trimalleolar fracture.

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