Monitoring Patients During Mechanical Ventilation

Who Else Wants More ENERGY?

Feeling Tired? Want a nap? Need more energy? If you’re looking for more energy a few juicing recipes could be just what the doctor ordered and an answer that leads to many additional benefits of delight! Feel better, have more energy and lose weight naturally to name a few…

Juicing Beets – NEWS!

A study on juicing beets reveals big news in the sports community that impacts our daily lives significantly. Beets have always been regarded as one of the more favored vegetables due to its nutrient value. Now juicing beets has become of even greater value.

Got Caffeine? Is It Time for a New Energy Source?

There is a great deal of information, both fact and fiction, out there regarding the benefits or harm of including caffeine in your daily routine. It’s time to start weeding through the confusion to help consumers make good choices for their daily consumption and explore what alternatives are available for consumers looking to cut back or eliminate caffeine from their daily routine.

A Healthy Spring Produce and a Natural Cure

This article presents the health benefits of the asparagus that is a vegetable to be eaten best in Spring. It is helpful in many ways a many diseases can be influenced to get better. Not only is this vegetable healthy but it is also delicious in its various preparations.

Raw Juicing Health Benefits

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a healthy addition to any diet. Juice fasting diets have been developed to address specific health issues and can be used medicinally.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits for Our Body

Coconut Oil Health Benefits are many. Alzheimer’s disease is helped greatly from a good quantity of coconut oil in our diets. It does not heal it completely but it sure helps a lot. Some also feel that weight loss can be attributed to coconut oil as well as lowering cholesterol and helping with cancer.

Nutrition at Work Guide

Okay…we all know that this is a tough one. Everyone likes to eat, it is just old-fashioned human nature. The problem is that we have access to some delicious and not so healthy foods in the workplace (and everywhere else for that matter) and it is so easy to make a bad call.

Ten Fascinating Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are officially a superfood! They taste great, are versatile cooking ingredients, are available all year around, and the nutrition they offer is through the roof. Eating strawberries regularly has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits.

The Number of Calories in a Banana

Bananas are a favorite and multipurpose fruit that many men and women benefit from on a daily basis across the world, but how many calories does a banana have? This article will provide you with details on the actual calories inside a banana together with additional helpful banana nutrition facts on what is considered to be the 3rd most popular fruit on the planet behind apples and oranges.

Protein Shakes Should Not Be Consumed in Excess

Everything in excessive amounts is always dangerous. Although side effects from the consumption of protein shakes are extremely rare when used appropriately, you should be aware that there could be some side effects from the use of these products. These side effects are serious conditions and in order to avoid them, the consumption of protein shakes should be moderated.

You Will Eat What Is In Front of You

Traveling and even being out and about during the day can make healthy eating a challenge. It is difficult to eat healthy because we will only eat what is easy. We will all eat what is in front of us. Put healthy things in front of you and you will eat healthy things.

Do Boys Need More Protein Than Girls?

Proper nutrition for boys and girls varies due to the differences in body structure, size and physical needs. The problem that often arises is determining the major differences between growing children and thus creating a diet plan that works best for nutritional necessities. While many know that girls need more nutrients like iron and calcium, confusion often arises when it comes to the appropriate amount of protein.

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