Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (Definition) | Depolarizing vs Nondepolarizing Drugs

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

It takes a little extra time to maintain a healthy diet but saves a ton of money! Here is my simple plan to eat healthy while traveling.

Three Tricks for Eating Healthier

Eating healthy can often be challenge especially when one is hooked on junk foods. This is usually a sign that the body is depleted of its nutrients, and thus, it craves for foods that will provide new energy quickly. These foods include simple sugars, unhealthy fats and many other addictive foods. The following three tips for eating healthier can help to reduce the cravings in order to develop permanent and healthy eating habits.

Vitamin Dense Foods A, B, C, D and E

Getting your daily macronutrients in check (protein, carbohydrates and fats) should always be your top priority, because it determines how much energy your getting into your body. So once you’re getting enough calories in depending on your goals, what’s next?

Ancient Way of Living – The Warrior Diet

Are you tired of being on diets that make you feel like your whole life is revolving around food? Or maybe you have been having energy crashes throughout the day -especially after lunchtime meals.

Protein Functions

The article describes how protein is broken down into amino acids. It also describes the functions of protein.

How to Avoid Afternoon Drowsiness With a Caffeine Boost

Have you ever felt so sleepy after lunch that it can sometimes interfere with your work? If you have, then you share this problem with a majority of the workforce because this is a perfectly normal response of the body. This state of sleepiness is also known as “a post-lunch dip”, which occurs because the human body is used to a certain cycle of sleep. People will normally become sleepy at least twice a day, and that will occur about 12 hours apart, which is why people will normally become sleepy at night, and then again on the afternoon.

Blood Glucose Controls

Blood glucose is maintained at a narrow range. This article explains which hormones act to keep it under control.

How Much Protein Do Humans Need?

You know that you are supposed to eat a balanced diet. But how much protein should you consume?

Ramadan Nutrition Tips – 1 – Introduction to Healthy Balanced Meals

With the start of the fasting of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I call on all to change your lifestyle. It is your opportunity to establish a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases and strengthening the immune system. The healthy lifestyle depends on healthy balanced diet and regular daily exercise.

What Is an Acid Alkaline Diet?

Ever wonder what an acid alkaline diet is and how it can help you? Keep reading and you are going to learn about pH balance and how it can affect the health of your entire body.

Where Does Caffeine Come From?

If you do not know it yet, caffeine is the substance in your cup of coffee that perks you up when you are feeling drowsy during the working day. To some people, drinking coffee has become a daily habit that they need it first thing in the morning. Where does caffeine come from exactly? Is coffee the only source for caffeine? In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and explain everything you need to know about caffeine.

Is Patrick Holford Really A Nutrition Expert?

Are you curious about Patrick Holford, author of The Optimum Nutrition Bible? This article reveals whether he really is a nutrition expert you can trust.

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