No Carb Foods Can Still Spike Your Blood Sugar

Hello health champions isn’t this funny how some people say that you have to eat sugar and carbohydrate in order to generate blood sugar for your brain and yes there are a lot of people who eat is zero carbohydrate in the diet and their blood sugar is too high where does that blood sugar come from well if you’re not eating it it means that your body is making it from something else now the crush us we want to answer our hound us the ball he makes sugar from other things where does it come from what type of foods and why does it matter even though most people to change the way they’re eating change their lifestyle or the diet because they want to change the weight they want to lose weight for the most part there is more to it because the same mechanisms that drive wait up are also associated with type two diabetes insulin resistance and disease and the things we’re trying to change our blood sugar and insulin were trying to lower blood sugar lower insulin and you can find both of these markers on your blood test but in order to change the blood test till next time you want to understand what sort of foods are increasing though those so that you can reduce those foods so to help with that they have created something called the glycemic index and the insulin index now the glycemic index is virtually useless because they only created these values in glycemic index for things that contain carbohydrates car herbal hydrates are not the only thing that can drive up blood sugar and insulin other reason it’s useless is that they only tested high glycemic foods such as carbohydrates so they set a value for glucose which has zero fat zero protein and a hundred percent of calories hundred percent of the wages carbohydrate and therefore it has a very high glycemic index and a very high insulin index but then they compared that to foods that have slightly less glycemic index so bread is in the seventies but that’s still an extremely high glycemic index and that’s why we don’t want to pay too much attention to place the mic and acts because what they call low isn’t really low problem with the insulin index is that the data is almost non existent the idea the insulin index is very very good because insulin is really what we’re looking for but there’s so little data to go by so in this video we’re going to talk about the mechanisms so that we understand and we can look past the numbers because you don’t want to really look in tables after insulin index because when they test it people react differently and some of those numbers are quite questionable so if we look at skim milk that’s a product where they ever remove the fat it has all the original protein and carbohydrate so carbohydrates are dominating in skim milk and therefore the glycemic index is pretty it close to that of glucose it’s not real close but it’s it’s fairly high the insulin index is much much lower because the carbohydrates in milk is called lactose which is broken down much much slower some of this insulin index comes from some carbohydrates which is broken down slowly and from protein which has broken down even slower when we look at whole milk it has more fat so it’s going to happen most of the calories from fat now we get a glycemic index that’s much slower but we’d get a somewhat lower insulin index because a lot of the protein is still there but the fact is slowing it down and when we look at full fat cream at thirty seven percent then the vast majority in way over ninety percent of calories are from fat so the glycemic index x is often quoted as zero which it isn’t strictly but it’s really close to zero and the insulin index is very very low so the lesson is that carbohydrates that drive it’s the most both glycemic and insulin protein can drive it’s somewhat and fat slows it down but what about these people on zero carb diet that’s still have high blood sugar that is the cause of glucose neo genesis body is making glucose from something else and often times they say the glycogen contributes to glucose neo genesis and it’s sorted…Learn more here

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