Nosocomial Pneumonia (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

Dr. Clown – The Fun Hospital of Patch Adams

In the movie Patch Adams, the hospital finally becomes a place full of laughter instead of pain. The movie was based on the real-life inspirational story of a doctor who thought laughter was the greatest medicine.

Total Living Drink Greens Review

Juicing has become a big phenomenon amongst health professionals, fitness gurus, nutritional experts and even cancer patients. The juicing machine is also finding its’ way into a growing percentage of American households. All of this is actually the driving force behind what’s known as the Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea. The following Total Living Drink Greens review will go over this product in detail.

Do Vampires Go Through Menopause?

A bit of humor reflecting current trends in societies obsession with vampires, werewolves, paranormal TV shows, hormones & menopause… quirky mix of topics written for fun and to touch on real subject matter.

Microlife 3MC1-PC Ultimate Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Our full review of Microlife 3MC1-PC Blood Pressure Monitor. Microlife 3MC1-PC is an automatic blood pressure monitor with the availability of various automatic technologies to make blood pressure monitoring a breeze for the patients.

Cutting Cancer Deaths by Taking Aspirin Daily

This article look at the pros and cons of using aspirin for cutting cancer incidences and cancer deaths… The benefits – A recent research report suggests that taking aspirin daily (75 milligrams) significantly lowers the chances of getting stomach and bowel cancers. The research found that cancer incidences / deaths for stomach, bowel and oesophageal cancers were lowered by 30-40%.

4 Of The Most Influential Innovations In Healthcare

Technological innovation has changed all industries including healthcare. There have been great changes in the healthcare industry where technology is increasingly playing vital roles in almost all processes including patient registration, lab tests, data monitoring, and consultation.To bring about these changes great innovations have been made. Here are some of the most influential technological innovations in the healthcare industry.

How Can Big Data Improve Healthcare and Medical Research?

Big data in the healthcare industry is about to get even bigger thanks to the move toward electronic health records. Electronic medical records are getting a boost due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As a result, medical researchers can expect a massive influx of healthcare data to analyze.

Home Emergency Medical Alert Systems Make a Difference

Many senior citizens receive numerous offers for medical alert systems that connect to first responders if there’s an emergency. These systems benefit seniors and people with disabilities who live on their own. There are different kinds of medical alert systems. Some seniors include one with their existing home security system, which may be more economical than buying a stand-alone service.

The Best Back Fat Exercises

When a person is overweight, the most common places that they complain about the extra weight are the arms, legs, buttocks, and the midsection. One often overlooked place, where people carry extra weight is the back.

Death by Medical Intervention

Iatrogenesis is the accidental or undesirable death and suffering caused by doctors or surgeons through treatment. It is a shocking fact that prescribed drugs cause more deaths than murder, accidents or the taking of unlawful drugs…

How to Get Back Dimples

Back dimples, also known as Venus dimples are indentations found on the lower part of the back. They are considered to be a sign of beauty and most people would do anything to have them. While they are thought to be genetic, back dimples can be acquired through certain exercises as well as weight loss programs.

Simple Ways to Experience Good Health

Fruit for Breakfast There are several things that I have found to be helpful in the area of good health which are not very cumbersome. One thing I do is eat only fruit or raw vegetables before noon. Of course, on special occasions, I will have a more traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, but not on a daily basis.

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