Principles of Mechanical Ventilation [EXPLAINED]

Benefits of Massage for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury effects large numbers of children early in life and has lasting impact on their quality of life. What methods are out there to help curb these issues? Massage is one of the complimentary alternative methods (CAM) that has the ability to improve quality of life and may help in resolving issues created by the accident.

Learn First-Aid Today! Information to Help You During an Medical Emergency

Welcome to Our First-Aid Article (how to) – From cuts to burns to fractures and nosebleeds many accidents take place everyday. Understanding First-Aid will not only better equip you in case of an emergency but could perhaps mean the difference between life and death of a patient. In this article we’ll examine basic First-Aid procedures.

Learn Proper CPR and AED Usage for Healthcare Providers, Workplace Employees and the Community!

Learn how to perform CPR properly and how to use an AED! Learn these very beneficial tools in a matter of minutes!

Chief Reasons for Using Natural Pain Relievers

You may be suffering from frequent migraines or sinusitis. There are products that are available which you can use to ease the throbbing. The most common types of headache are primary, secondary, and cranial neuralgias and facial tenderness. The most common types of primary are migraine, tension, and cluster.

How To Prevent And Treat Runner’s Knee?

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or commonly known by its nickname as Runner’s Knee is a common problem among runners. Due to the extended hours of pounding on the asphalt, the patella can be irritated when it rests on the thighbone. The pain experienced can be sudden and is often on and off. It can be felt before and after running, but not during the run itself. In this article, we’ll look at how to prevent and treat Runner’s Knee.

Walking or Running Exercise, What’s Best?

Do you need to start Running or Jogging to really get fit? Or can you just take up Walking, and is this enough? Find out here.

How to Resist The Sugar Monster

This short article is dedicated to a co-worker of mine who is a sugar monster like I was and the mothers who have young and teenage children. There are many ways to kick the habit or reduce your inner sugar monster from showing up dramatically and you trying to beat it back with a sugar stick. I will briefly touch on how to reduce the chances of you being tempted to run out to buy the mega stuffed Oreos and that cake that was calling your name when you by it in the store. Some of this is common sense and you may have already heard but this too, also works.

Diets and Why They Don’t Work

The main reason diets don’t work. We don’t always like the way we look and figure if we lose weight we will change. But change comes from the inside not what you look like. If you want to lose weight you need to watch your DFI.

Bulk Billed Radiology Services Explained

If you qualify for benefits under Medicare, it may be possible to have bulk billed radiology services to avoid having to cover the cost of treatment. This article explains bulk billing of medical imaging tests and what the process involves.

Research Shows That Alternating Air Mattresses Protects Against Ulcers Better Than Static Mattresses

Various studies have indicated that alternating air mattresses are more effective than using static mattresses in order to prevent ulcers. Pressure ulcers can also be referred to as pressure ‘sores’, ‘ damage’, ‘injuries’ or ‘bed sores.’ They develop when an excessive amount of pressure builds up on a specific area of the skin over a short period of time.

Why Blending Sponges Are Better Than White Makeup Wedges

Have you been using old white makeup wedges? If yes, let me offer you the most effective alternative that can secure your skin for this reason leaving it soft.

All About the Melt Method

The melt method is one of the newest and most exciting self-treatment techniques that helps people relieve chronic pain. It only takes ten minutes a day, and now many gyms and other health centers are offering melt method programs to further increase the pain-free benefits.

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