QUICK EASY 10 Minute Home Workout | BOXERCISE Fitness Fun 🤜 🤛

What a time to get a pocket size i enjoy me finished watching an upside to take sides and routine when you jumped in to people and it’s really important guys if you are an exercise routine makes you will be as we did before you go next if you have any chest pain shortness of breath make sure you think a much as he up and if they pay once you shot so pumped up it’s time to move your arms cause books the size and votes well boxing so she bought chill the fuck on books two three four books two three four keep going guys are doing really well so far and the great thing about book size is that it makes you hot pot but you using so many different muscles you’re on you’re pretty your house on your legs as well to keep joking on that spot extending a bit i’m you can always just cut it down a little bit goes a bit slower or if you see if you can even thought raising your legs up tunis then about you guys but i am starting to code really works out okay to incorporate some course twist twist twist twist and now stop moving your legs as well going into bit of a squat yes get those lunges going with your legs one two three so that’s it and off you go again and now and get our legs and i said well does going to do some scott one two three four five six seven eight nine ten now the great thing about this is well anyone can be a book so i picked up these gorgeous boxing gloves from came and that was super cheap and i put them on i feel like an actual books so here we can keep walking on the spot feel like rocky did it and now you got these boxing gloves on you sound so that will fresh know it’s time to do some lunges to the front with your legs on your shoulders one two three four five six seven well done guys eight nine ten wells i’m not going to do some natural punches either side really sending you oblique muscles the optimum stretching and really try to put in your muscles as you stretch out one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and joke on the foot and of course if you don’t have any gloves you can just use some weights if he wants to or we can just freestyle it because hey the important thing is you’re out that you’re getting him fresh and you’re getting your hot and nice and pumping all righty now we going to do a couple of scots again but that boxing gloves one two three four five six seven eight nine ten back to the middle again heap much you on this boat and you can do this isn’t to music you can do it just enjoying the beautiful day that today has to offer and just appreciating what you have got with you and surrounding you at the moment as well and about you guys but i’m really starting to get a bit of a sweat now and i feel my heart pumping and the great thing about when your heart stops pumping if he starts but if his calories and this could be calories that you’ve had in excess and eating too much when you’re knocked down because it’s face it sometimes without us realizing we do binge eat and said this is a great exercise to try and combat that keep marching on the spot welds on maybe those arms up and down well done right now we’re going to stop punching this is something you can do by yourself or with a friend but we don’t do this when to stop punching one two three five six seven eight nine ten so if i relax one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and now back to the middle again and now we and go opposite side so i put my right foot for it and punch punching my left hand to one really stretching those oblique muscles we have an announcement to putting your muscles they don’t the tummy as well try to get that nice beautiful sound buddy ready in time for the summer months three fold five six feel that pull seven eight nine ten and switchover one two three four five six seven eight nine nine ten enough to the middle and not you can just freeze on it just like what i’m doing and just one swell and you go down three five six seven eight…learn more here

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