Regulation of Breathing (Quick and SIMPLE Explanation)

The Science of Wheat’s Health Problems

Wheat has a number of inherent problems, which have been greatly compounded by the genetic manipulation of the grain back in the 1950s. This article describes the science behind how wheat hurts the human body.

Buying Wheat Free Products

If you are interested in going gluten free, you may also be anxious about how you can maintain such a lifestyle. This article has great tips on what you can do to make this kind of life work for you, and to make it stick.

The Mechanisms by Which Wheat Causes Health Problems

Many people are coming to learn the health problems associated with wheat. Several components of wheat, including gluten, gliadin, and amylopectin A contribute to its harms.

Probiotics – Fad, Fiction or Fabulous?

Probiotics are everywhere in the media today – news stories, magazine articles, radio stories and the topic of many news shows, let alone commercials. But what exactly are they and why all the hype? Are they just a passing trend or an essential supplement? Hopefully not a passing trend, as they provide many benefits for our health.

You Are What You Eat: Lifestyle Alters Your Genes!

When many people gain weight or develop health conditions, they often believe they inherited the problem from their parents. I bet you’ve heard, “My relatives have it too.” Although there are some fixed genetic traits, such as eye or hair color, and some genetic aberrations, up to 80% of our genes are influenced by our environment, including our lifestyle choices. Many experts now agree that chronic conditions and diseases are strongly driven by lifestyle habits (eating, activity levels, stress, etc.). For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood sugar/diabetes, overweight, arthritis, chronic inflammation, and cancer are significantly driven by our choices.

Little Known Ways to Reduce Calorie Intake

Let me guess. You don’t have enough time to think about what to eat or to count calories because your time is “too” scarce? Good excuse, but not good enough for me.

Tips and Secrets to the Benefits of Juicing

Find out about the true benefits of juicing. This article is written from a truly personal perspective on how I found these benefits.

Five Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

A suggestion of five great foods for a healthy pregnancy. Some will be obvious but some of these choices will suprise you.

The Benefits of Protein in Your Diet

Find out why not consuming enough protein in your diet can be bad for your health. You’ll be suprised how it may also effect your efforts to lose weight.

Are Multivitamin Supplements Helpful For Bodybuilders?

Multivitamin supplements are very important for bodybuilders. You need to make sure that you have enough vitamins, minerals and all nutrients in the body.

Psoriasis And Detox

A regular detox program can bring about tremendous help in dealing with your psoriasis. In addition to feeling better, it is entirely possible to find one of your flare-up triggers by use of a detox program.

Post Workout Nutrition – What Do I Eat After Intense Exercise?

Good nutrition helps support a strong immune system. The benefits of proper nutrition also include everything from improving your recovery to giving you good skin and producing optimal function of the body. Nutrition is absolutely essential to producing the kind of results you want. In addition, nutrition is a complex ever-expanding science, which we are getting new information almost everyday.

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