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Healthy Eating Tips for Older Adults

Healthy eating is really all the rage right now, and people are looking for ways to cut unnecessary fats, sodium and other “bad” substances out of their diets. Even if they do not want to completely eliminate their intake of these foods, they at least want to limit them. As an older adult, you might feel a little bit out of the loop when it comes to trends. This article suggests healthy eating tips to maintain the right balance as we age.

Benefits of Beer

The benefits of beer has come as a surprise to many and a welcome to beer lovers around the world. Research has found that when drank in moderation, beer contains many health benefits that an individual can enjoy along with their favorite beverage.

Can I Change My Metabolism?

Learn how to mesmerize your metabolism. It just takes a few simple changes in your routine to see major changes in metabolism.

Nutrition and Diet Importance During Cleansing

Americans are known for having poor nutrition and diet, and being unhealthy in general. We are constantly eating fast food, drinking soda, putting toxins on our skin, ingesting them with medications, and breathing dirty air.

What Causes Tooth Decay: What Is Epigenetics Revisited

There is now a lot of excitement and research about the role epigenetics plays in what causes tooth decay. I fear that the research is funded by those who would perpetuate myths about what actually does cause tooth decay. If there were any truth to them the widespread problem would be diminished, not growing to epidemic proportions!

Putting a Dampener on Milk

Dairy is not well regarded in traditional Chinese dietetics. This article explores the evidence linking dairy consumption to overweight and obesity, and it’s correlations with serious illness including cancer.

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispnica) and General Health

Whilst much has been written about Chia Seeds and improved athletic performance, for example greater endurance, stamina and increased circulatory and reduced blood pressure, I would argue that these improved health benefits would also be desirable to you and me (The general public). So where do we start?

How Potatoes Are Nutritious for Kids

Potatoes are kid-friendly and easy to digest. But often they’re served in ways that counterbalance their nutritive benefits. Here are great ways to include potatoes in your child’s diet that are delicious and nutritious!

The Best Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Weight gain be primarily traced to the types of food eaten. Food intake affects every singe person’s weight. In fact, there are also foods that help you lose weight.

Losing Weight With Healthy Shakes

Gone are the days when shakes were only considered to be a comfort food. Today, there is a rising popularity of the use of shakes in maintaining a perfect body. With the right mixture of ingredients, a shake can be a perfectly healthy substitute for any meal.

Black Cherry Juice Benefits

If you are still wondering what the fuzz is behind the soaring popularity of cherries as a health food, then perhaps it’s time you get acquainted with the many black cherry juice benefits. Believe it or not, the health value of cherries trumps many of the fruits we used to consider as the best on the market. And because black cherry juice preserves many of the same health benefits packed in tart cherries, the appeal of this healthy beverage has grown beyond the traditional areas where cherry juice was once consumed.

Adding Fruit Health Benefits to Our Diet

Fruit health benefits are very underestimated by many people all over the world. Though almost everyone agrees that fruit is good for the body, few people really understand the exact reasons why.

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