Respiratory Care Research [Quick Medical Overview] πŸ“

Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Reader will discover a review of diabetic neuropothy. One will also learn about one very serious complication of this disease, the foot ulcer.

Can You Really Gain Healthy Weight Rapidly?

In a world that is almost obsessed with losing weight, it might appear surprising that one would want to actually gain weight. In fact, there are many who actually need this. These include those with excessively high metabolism, have health concerns, or those who wish to increase muscle size and strength.

Creating Healthy Habits

An outline style article addressing some basic strategies for changing habits and forming new healthier ones. This advice is based on my own personal experiences and learning from others what works best and what does not, it may not work for everyone but I think these are all basic, tried and true places to start.

7 Ingredients In Weight Loss Supplements

If you have been wondering which are the main ingredients found in weight loss supplements, here they are and how they work: Chitosan- It’s obtained from lobster, shrimp, and other shellfish shells. Chitosan binds with fat thus blocking fat absorption and as a result you don’t gain weight. While the ingredient is very effective in bringing about weight loss, you should not take it if you are allergic to shellfish

Should I Get a Massage If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Massages are designed to relax an individual and to remove stress and fatigue from the body. Loosening the muscles and joints helps to put one in a better state, and can remove pain if done properly. However, massages also can impact blood pressure, sometimes for the better.

Which Ingredients Are Best to Use for Skincare?

With the wide range of products in the market that use a variety of different ingredients, it may be hard to tell what ingredients are the best for different situations. Some ingredients have scientific names that don’t tell what they do, and some ingredients have yet to be tested. Between the “acids” and the “extracts,” however, there are some great options for treating many different skin-related problems.

Urgent Care Vs Emergency Rooms

When you are in need of immediate medical care, it can be frustrating to even consider waiting in an emergency room. When a treatment is needed, family doctors are not always available due to being overbooked or limited office hour availability. Thankfully, urgent care walk-in clinics exist.

Getting Treatment for Cholesterol

A waxy, fat-like substance called cholesterol can be found in your bloodstream. It is needed for the body to work properly, but this can sometimes over accumulate, which can be troublesome. Over time, cholesterol can collect into plaque and clog arteries.

Benefits of Urgent Care

Illnesses, accidents and injuries do not wait for working days and doctor appointments. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have created emergency departments to support patients after regular working hours and during holidays. However, patients with both life-threatening and relatively harmless conditions have been visiting the emergency rooms adding to their burden.

How to Choose an Urgent Care Facility

Urgent care facilities have gained immense popularity in recent times. Many people prefer them over hospital emergency rooms, especially for non-emergent illnesses and injuries. These healthcare centers are a great choice for uninsured patients and for those without a primary care physician.

Start Getting Healthy Nutrition Series Part 3: Gluten

The last article in the Start Getting Healthy Nutrition series focused on the hidden killer that has been lurking in our foods for decades: Trans fats.. Today we look at something that has been a staple of our diet and indeed our society all the way back to when societies first started to form. Any where you look there are discussions about Gluten.

What You Need To Know About Running Injuries

One of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, up to 40 million people in the United States run regularly. You can get many health benefits from running but you may also have a high risk of injury, especially from overuse.

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