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Good Intentions From New Year Starting to Wear Thin?

Is your enthusiasm and good intentions of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions wearing off? The optimism and revitalisation that most of us experience at the start of the year often fade when day to day worries and pressures begin to cloud our focus and weaken our resolve.

Healthy Year of the Horse

I’m always amazed at the crazy things I hear about or witness seeing people eating. Like tonight my husband and I watched the TV show “Man vs. Food”. Have you ever watched that show? It’s quite something. Sure it might be entertaining, for some, but I find it disturbing to see food depicted as a sporting event.

Habits to Ditch

It’s the New Year and it’s time to clean up your act -right? Well there are some habits you may not have thought were unhealthy or needed to be ditched. I reveal some of those shortly.

Public Bathrooms and a Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease

Just as with a toddler, it seems that the second you step into the car or a restaurant, it is time to go to the bathroom when you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. While it has gotten a little easier with more locations offering “Family Restrooms” that are bigger and allow either or both sexes in the room at the same time plus they are more private, you will not encounter this luxury everywhere you go. It is essential to plan ahead and to be prepared.

Family and Friends/Agreement and Disagreement When Dealing With Alzheimer’s Disease

As the caregiver, son, daughter, spouse, friend, or relative of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, there are many difficult decisions to be made. In the best of situations close relatives or perhaps the entire family have gathered to discuss the probability of upcoming choices. The loved one, the victim of the disease, is also present, expressing his or her wishes should s/he become incapacitated and unable to make life decisions. When everything is out in the open ahead of the rough venture down the Alzheimer’s trail, less stress and strain on the family is most likely to occur.

Alzheimer’s Disease – It’s in the Eyes

I am not a physician; I am not in the medical field, and so the following is not based on medical knowledge but rather human reaction from first hand experience and plenty of observation. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease my mom disguised memory loss with many clever techniques. Read on to learn more of how my mom learned to cope and to fool me along the way.

Food to Boost Brain Power

You are what you eat. Fuel your brain with the right foods to boost mental stamina and improve memory and learning.

Stares and Staring at Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease

As the caregiver you forge ahead on this windy journey known as Alzheimer’s disease, trying to maintain strength and courage within yourself and also trying to keep things relatively normal for your loved one. If Tuesday card games are a regular event, you want to keep going, not just for the socialization of your loved one but for your own well-being.

Finger Foods and Straws for Victims of Alzheimer’s Disease

By the late middle to end stages of Alzheimer’s disease, many loved ones have trouble eating and drinking. This is in part because of a lack of interest in food or missing hunger pangs, and also because choking becomes a constant potential hazard. As the power of the mind to send messages to systems that used to work automatically, adequate chewing and the loss of the swallowing reflex create frightening moments.

Boundaries and Bullies

When does persuasion become bullying? Is it when information capable of manipulating your decisions is being presented in ways you are unaware of perceiving?

Don’t Depend on Will Power for Weight Loss Success

When it comes to losing weight don’t rely on your will power. Will power is a limited resource, and it’s easily eroded by stress, fatigue, anxiety, happiness, or pretty much any emotion or situation. It wavers when someone offers you a piece of chocolate, and admits defeat at the smell of fresh baked pie.

Why Individuals Now Opt For All Natural Skin Care Products

Making use of effective skin care products can help individuals improve their looks. Aside from that, individuals can also be sure that their needs are catered to properly, giving them better opportunities to improve their lifestyle.

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