Sarcoidosis (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

Keep Track of Your Health and Go to an Internal Medicine Practice

When it comes to diagnosing your adult ailments, make an appointment to go to an internal medicine practice. You can receive the best care and treatment possible.

STRESS – 5 Simple Ways to Make Peace With It

Beating Monday morning blues, we drag ourselves to get back to school/ office/ any work. Stress can be best defined as an “individual’s response to pressure”. Uncontrolled stress is a threat to the body. It increases the heart rate, more adrenaline is secreted and a peaked pent-up. Finally prolonged stress results in serious damages to the body. Physical activities releases pent-up energy and re-energizes. Fraught nerves become calm clearing the clutters in the head and body.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Recovery

Gastric bypass surgery recovery can be just as important as the surgery itself. There are serious complications that can occur if the patient does not follow the doctor’s orders regarding their surgery recovery.

Working Out at Altitude and Peak Fitness

When we first moved here, I was actively running and noticed a huge difference in hitting the edge up here vs the SF East Bay at sea level! It felt like it took 2-3 months to reach the speed and endurance I was at, it was quite an adjustment!

But I Spent 20 Minutes Putting on My Make-Up

A lot of female students are always skipping out on physical education class. They either don’t want to sweat or they just did their make-up and hair before school and they don’t want to mess it up. In the article you’ll find 3 reasons as to why these students SHOULD participate in physical education class.

What Is Sciatica and How Is It Treated?

Sciatica is pain radiating along the sciatic nerve that extends from the lower back through hips, the buttocks, and down the legs. It commonly results when the spine compresses part of the sciatic nerve due to a spinal bone spur or herniated disc.

Body Builder Nutrition – Tips To Bulk Up In A Healthy Way

It is no small task to build up ones body because there are so many different factors to be taken into account. People who rush into bodybuilding by taking hormone treatments tend to damage their health in a very bad way. The best way to go about building bulk is to do it in the old fashioned manner.

I’m Too Busy to Workout!

Achieving your weight loss goals even with a busy lifestyle. There is always time for proper nutrition and exercise.

Are Compounding Pharmacies Safe?

Compounding pharmacies work to create pharmaceutical products which are specifically designed to fit the unique needs of each patient. They specialise in preparing and dispensing bespoke pharmaceutical products to patients who cannot or do not want to (for whatever reason) take standard, mass produced medication. Many consumers are turning to these pharmacies because they have previously had problems with standard prescription drugs.

Why You Should Use a Compounding Pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy is different from a common high street pharmacy because it does not just dispense prescription medication, but it is also able to mix or alter existing medicinal drugs, to meet the requirements of its clients. Whilst global pharmaceutical companies design drugs that are as economically efficient and as suitable for mass marketing as possible, compounding pharmacies are instead able to take the needs of their individual clients into account. Patients are given a greater freedom of choice over what medicines are available to them, and how they take their medicinal drugs.

Who Can a Compounding Pharmacy Help?

A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy which specialises in the creation of pharmaceutical products that are better suited to the tastes and requirements of individual consumers. Pharmacists are trained to be able to adapt existing prescription drug preparations so that they are more suitable for the needs of customers, without losing any of the functionality of the original medicinal drug.

Filling The Gaps: Tooth Replacement Options

One of the more serious dental problems you can encounter is losing teeth, or having teeth removed due to damage and decay. This is not a situation faced by just older people like many would like to believe.

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