Shocking Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 🍎🍏

An Appointment With a Urologist

There are certain health concerns that need the attention of a urologist. This healthcare provider is a medical doctor who focuses on men’s and women’s urinary tract and reproductive organs. These systems are closely linked and what affects one will often affect the other.

Importance of Health and Media Literacy

Although research suggests that children’s eating habits are formed even before they enter the classroom – children as young as two may already have dietary preferences based on their parents’ food choices – health education can play a vital role in helping establish lifelong healthy patterns early. Research shows that health education has a positive impact on health behaviors as well as academic achievement, and that the most effective means of improving health literacy is ensuring that health education is included in curriculum at all levels of education.

90 Day Test to Find Out If Cold Sores Could Be Halted Naturally!

For many of us cold sores can be a genuine pain that comes around as often as each and every month. Whenever cold sores do appear they can leave the victim feeling extremely low as well as embarrassed from the sore on the mouth area. When a cold sore shows up it seems their is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it! Could diet and exercise be the answer to ending the cold sore episodes?

How Piano Players Can Stay Healthy

Massage for piano players is critical since using the small muscles and bones of the hand can cause tremendous stress and pain to the hands, wrists and elbows. Piano players are most at risk for getting carpal tunnel so being in prime physical conditions as well as getting regular bodywork are critical to those that want a long term career playing the piano. The body position that most piano players take where they are often hunched over tends to compromise spinal integrity so having their core strengthened is important to in order to be in the best possible physical condition…

Food Is For Fuel – Part 1 – No Other Gods

In the first four articles under “Freedom, Faith and Fitness” we have been laying the foundation upon which we can build a biblical view of health and fitness. We have looked at the first of four proofs that our bodies matter to God–that they have value because God created them. We will continue with our study into why we should take care of our physical bodies, but I have had several requests to start addressing other aspects such as nutrition and exercise. Therefore, today I want to start on a sub-topic–the importance of what we put into our bodies.

Faith and Fitness – The Link Between God’s Flesh and Ours

There are numerous Scriptures, such as 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and Romans 12:2 which plainly demonstrate the fact that God cares about our physical bodies. However, there are other equally important, if not so obvious Scriptures that establish the high value God places on these magnificent bodies he has given us. This article investigates the truth that our bodies matter because God Himself took on flesh.

Fitness As Worship

There is one thing that we need to be abundantly clear about–taking care of your body is not mere vanity, but about worshipping and honoring God with our whole person. Fitness and faith are connected. God does not demand our bodies because he wants cover girls and fitness models. We take care of our bodies because we Love God not merely because we want to Look Good. What God desires is a body that is completely submitted to Him and is available to be used for His service.

Basic Food Rules for Optimal Health

Americans spend a whopping $1 trillion dollars a year on food. Food is big business to say the least. The rising health concerns that accompany the rising obesity rates have prompted many food manufacturers to focus on key marketing terms, such as low-fat, whole grain, etcetera in order to promote their products. Fortunately, the answer to the supposedly incredibly complicated question of what we should eat isn’t so complicated after all, and in fact could be boiled down to just a few simple rules.

Made to Move – Exercise Is Essential for Optimal Health

Exercise can decrease you risk of heart disease, increase your energy levels, improve your mood and self confidence, improve your memory, help you sleep better, and slow down the aging process. And yet most of us still find plenty of excuses to not exercise. This seems to be especially true in the church, where dedication to exercise is often mistaken for vanity. The truth is that Scripture encourages us to engage in physical activity in exercise. Considering the numerous benefits of exercise, it is obvious that God created us to be active, that we were Made to Move.

Signs That You Might Be Allergic to Wasp and Bee Stings

Anyone can suffer from allergic reactions caused by bee or wasp sting. For this reason, it is best to be alert and to learn how to differentiate the signs of a normal reaction from a severe reaction.

Moms: You Can, and You Deserve to Have It All!

Five years ago, I thought I was busy. I was growing my fitness career, fitting in my own workouts, spending time with my husband, taking care of the day-to-day household duties such as making dinner and grocery shopping, and going on fun adventures such as backpacking and camping. Then, I added ‘mom’ to my job title.

The Obesity Epidemic and the Church – A Call to Action

The United States is facing an obesity epidemic. Studies have shown that those who are actively involved in church are more likely to be obese than their peers. Although the church may have unknowingly contributed to the obesity epidemic, it is also uniquely equipped to reverse the trend of obesity.

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