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A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Eating Healthier Foods

America abounds with hundreds of food choices including fruits and vegetables, a variety of meats and an enormous variety of prepared foods and fast foods. Due to technology and advancements in foods of convenience it is easy to have a complete meal ready in 15 minutes or less by placing it in the microwave. If you do not choose to go home for a meal it is possible to visit one of the thousands of available restaurants. Yet, more Americans are over-weight and in poor health than ever before due to the eating of foods that lack necessary nutrients for a healthy life.

Simple Carbs Are Not So Simple for Your Body

Time to get off the white stuff! What are simple carbs? Learn how sugar affects your body and mind and ways in which to eliminate sugar.

The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

There has been a lot of publicity in recent years concerning the potential health benefits of eating an organic diet. Whilst there are still those who believe there is insufficient evidence to categorically confirm the benefits of organic over non-organic, it is generally considered that eating a predominantly organic diet can have positive effects on your health.

Can Low Vitamin D3 Affect Weight Loss?

It seems that Vitamin D3 deficiency is one of the latest epidemics in our country. A study back from 2000 said that 77% of Americans are D deficient. In order for our bodies to produce its own Vitamin D, over 40% of our skin needs direct contact with the sunlight at least 20 minutes a day.

What Makes GNLD’s Liver Plus C So Effective For Health And Wellness?

The liver throughout the span of history has been recognized as a highly valued and exceptional food item… Why?

4 Harmful Ingredients to Beware Of

Processed foods are all around us and most of them contain a host of harmful ingredients that are not only unhealthy, but could harm your health as well. Learn more!

What Is the Nutritional Value of Sweet Potato?

Find out what the nutritional value of sweet potato is, a popular vegetable eaten in homes and restaurants across the world. From the calories it contains to it’s fiber content, this article covers it all, positive and negative.

5 Healthy Food Combinations

Healthy food combinations are all around us! Learn more about the foods that pair well together to creating nutritious combos!

5 Health Benefits of Mushrooms

The health benefits of mushrooms are quite vast; however many people cringe at the thought of eating mushrooms. Pick the right ones, and you will love the taste and the health benefits.

4 Tasty Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

When you find out you’re lactose intolerant, or your body simply doesn’t handle dairy well, the first step is to determine which milk alternative is the best for you. Each dairy alternative tastes different and it is up to you to decide which one (or two, or three) will be the best substitute for your unique diet. Read on to discover more about the options available to you: 1) Almond Milk This is a great milk alternative that can be used universally, just like cow’s milk.

Kids: Let Us Eat Lettuce

Lettuce is so nutritious, but sometimes kids balk when we offer it in meals. Here are sure-fire ideas to utilize in your quest for nutritious, lettuce-included meals.

Why Sugar Is So Dangerous to Your Health

The signs are all around: out of control obesity, a dramatic increase in diabetes, and despite the millions of dollars we have spent fighting cancer and heart disease, both are still increasing. What is causing it? Doctors, scientist and nutritionists are increasingly coming to the conclusion that sugar is playing a major role, and indeed, it may be the main culprit.

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