Sleep Faster By Eating These 8 Nutrients That Help Promote Sleep

An Apple A Day Won’t Keep Your Doctor Away

While it is very true that an apple a day will give nutrients and will give you extra energy for the day, it is also 100% true that it won’t give you everything you need. And most probably, an apple a day won’t keep you away from your doctor. Yes, it won’t make the doctor away. Here’s the reason why.

Benefits of a Fresh Vegetable Juice Fast

There are a lot of detoxing and cleansing programs out there, but most of them will do more harm that good as they provide little or no nutrition. Too often, the main focus of the process is to lose weight which should really just be a side effect. If you want to do a detox, find the right reasons to do it.

The Joy of Juicing

Juicing can sound slightly sadistic. But it’s actually a great way to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables! Not only is it fast and efficient, it will save you time and is a quick method of getting your five a day.

How to Improve Digestive Health – Read It to Believe It

The most important thing for everyone should be their health and it is extremely essential for us to finally start taking care of our own selves rather than first wallowing about how we do not have all the luxuries in our life. To gain success in most times, what we need is a healthy and innovative mind for which good health is an important determinant. Digestion is one thing that, if not good, can make a person’s life hell in more than one way and to prevent that, it is important to know about how to improve our digestive health.

Ginger – The Soreness Reliever

Numerous articles on preliminary research shows that nine compounds found in ginger may bind to human serotonin receptors, which may explain ginger’s extensive effects on the GI tract and suggesting a mechanism for its effects on anxiety. Ginger has been found to be more effective than placebo in multiple studies for treating nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness or chemotherapy. Ginger is safe for use during pregnancy.

Sci-Fi Water

In 2004, Japanese scientific researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto published a revolutionary book entitled: “The Hidden Messages in Water”. In the book, Emoto declares that water can absorb, store, and even re-emit human emotions and feelings.

Superfoods For Women

Women have unique nutritional needs in comparison to men. There are various foods that can help women to feel healthier, more energetic and provide anti-aging benefits as well. This article will discuss several of these superfood choices.

The 5 Most Common Digestive Problems

Digestion is the process of breaking large insoluble substances to small soluble substances. The organs mainly involved in digestion are the esophagus, stomach and the small and the large intestine. Digestion allows the food we eat to be broken down into the nutrients that are needed by the body to function which includes simple carbohydrates, fatty acids, essential amino acids and the essential minerals. Just know about the human digestive system and also know what it needs to stay healthy.

Long Term Recovery and Nutrition

Recovering from substance abuse requires a diet that is balanced and nutritious. Substance abuse harms the body in many ways due to the negative lifestyle, like irregular eating habits & poor diet,that usually accompanies addiction making the need for proper nutrition an exercise mandatory for post-addiction health.

How Nutrition Changes With Age

Each stage of life is characterized by special needs. For this reason, our food requirements can vary depending on age. Learn about your body needs from Dr. Luigi Gratton, an author of “The analysis of obesity as a risk factor”, developed by the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA).

Grapes and Seaweed Benefits

Diets rich in grapes can help you lose weight easily and quickly. The reason? Grapes have a diuretic effect and stimulates the elimination of water. In addition to being an important ally in the fight against weight, eating grapes brings many health benefits.

ADHD and Dairy Products – What A Parent Should Know

Many people have heard about the connection between ADHD and dairy products. You might already know that gluten and casein are suspected of triggering both Autism as well as ADHD in kids.

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