Symptoms Of Blood Clots You Must Not Ignore | Dangers Of Blood Clots

The Origin of the Stethoscope and Its Many Uses

The stethoscope is one of the numerous medical gadgets known for its accuracy in the diagnosis of a disease or sickness. Some people may think that it is just a mere accessory of a doctor’s uniform; not realizing that such “accessory” is vital to the medical profession because undoubtedly, the stethoscope is one small gadget which can actually save a person’s life.

Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Author’s 1st hand view on various forms of Himalayan salt products namely salt crystals, rock lamps etc. Article also informs readers of common use of Himalayan salt in culinary gourmet kitchen these days. Thanks

Brighten Your Image Naturally

Are you young and vibrant yet your mirror shows you an older self?Do the wrinkles on your face portray to the world an age you are (not)?Then worry no more, the word is facelift.

Factors That May Influence Your Efforts in Gaining A Few More Inches in Height

Your height is both within and outside your control. Here are some of the factors that influence a person’s height, some of which you can change with effort, while others are not modifiable no matter how much you try.

Quick Tips For Healthy Lungs

A healthy body is vital if one wishes to improve the quality of life as well as longevity. Your lungs perform a wide range of critical functions and should therefore be given utmost attention.

Quick Tips To Increase Energy And Feel Great

Energy is vital for the survival of any living creature. Without energy, the body would just be like a boat without a rudder, floating about without any goal or direction.

When Should You Review Medical Supply Inventory and Prices?

Are you or your clinic spending too much money on medical supplies? Learn some steps that can help you manage your budget and get the best prices on medical supplies.

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act: What Is It?

Do you know if you are in compliance with new US laws pertaining to reporting requirements for paying your doctors? Learn how the PPSA can make it easier.

How To Choose Between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room

When you or your child is suddenly sick or injured after normal doctor’s office hours, you have several places to turn to seek medical treatment. These include the emergency room and an urgent care clinic. The most important question you face is, “Which one should I go to?”

The Malleable Brains and The Technology

Our brain is the most important organ in our body and therefore it requires the most meticulous care. Unfortunately, our kids are not getting the care they deserve, thanks to the escalating technology and less parental control. Technology has made its permanent place in our lives, hence, making it difficult for us eliminate it from our kids’ life. We can’t eradicate it completely, but we can, however, limit its use to protect the younger minds.

18 Steps To Easy Hygiene!

Keeping an eye on hygiene goes beyond cleanliness – it ensures your wellness and good health for a much longer time. Follow these easy-to-remember basic tips to make sure your cleanliness quotient stays up – always.

This Summer I’ll Be Wearing a Bathing Suit

This summer I will do something I’ve never had the courage to do before. Move to a new country with only one suitcase? Done. Run marathons? Done. Run with a double stroller from the Bronx to Battery Park? Done. This summer is about a different type of empowerment. I will go to the beach wearing a bathing suit.

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