Take Olive Oil to Help with Diabetes and Control Blood Sugar Levels 🩸

Radiography – Definition, Uses and Benefits

It is differentiated from fluoroscopy, mammography, and computed tomography which are discussed elsewhere. Radiography may also be used during the planning of radiation therapy treatment.

Fibromyalgia and the Intent to Get Better Through Exercise

Fibromyalgia is a tough condition for many people. A lot of people wonder how exercise can help a person with Fibromyalgia. The article below endeavors to answer that question.

Popular Healthcare Products: Changing Habits of the People

If we would go back and check out the healthy habits of the people of last decade or so, we would find that they were pretty much conscious about their health. They would go to gym; join aerobics classes; take healthy diets; include fruits and other nutritional sources in their meal charts; and visit doctors for regular check-ups. But, the lifestyle since then has changed so significantly that people do not really have that much time to care for themselves.

Varied Types of Medical Imaging

Modern medicine has seen medical imaging go through multiple advancements. The information related to human body really helps in diverse clinical applications. Numerous kinds of medical imaging techniques have broken the surface over all these years, with each of these having their own special features and some disadvantages too.

Ayurvedic Medicines – Back to Basics

Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods which can help one to overcome any health related issues in a natural way. Best part of it is there are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines.

Everything You Need to Know About Vitrectomy Surgery for Floaters

Thousands of people around the world experience significant floaters in their field of vision, and this can have a serious negative impact on their quality of life. Floaters are flecks, fly-like spots or cobwebs, which move in and out and around the field of vision.

To The Patient, Things You Should Understand About Your Doctor

The patient’s relationship with his or her doctor is no doubt a very important area to understand when considering the subject of iatrogenesis (accidental death by medicine or medical intervention). For many people, as patients, when in consultation with their doctor some deep-seated psychology occurs. It is to do with the patient’s regard: The doctor is seen as an authority figure.

What No One Wants to Hear

Why do people save up their grisly stories about their health problems until they get to a restaurant where everyone can hear them and end up with indigestion? Why can’t they just talk to their doctor and not subject the other diners to their morbid discussions?

Local Healthcare Systems in Kenya

The public health system in Kenya is in dire state often marred with cartels, corruption, strikes by doctors and nurses, inadequate medical supplies, high maternal and child-mortality rates, long waiting times and poor access especially in marginalized areas in northern and eastern Kenya. Despite efforts to transform the healthcare system, no significant progress is evident with the exception of a vibrant private health sector. Although you may need to dig deeper into your pocket, you are better served in private health facilities than in public ones in Kenya.

Patient Kiosks Are Better When They Are Fast and Easy!

Comparing a Simple Patient Kiosk to the more expensive Integrated EMR Kiosk. If you are looking to spend thousands on a patient kiosk you need to consider the return on investment. Will you start at the most expensive or try a simple low cost system first?

How X-Rays Play Their Role in Imaging?

Imaging using X-rays involve an X-ray tube that penetrates the body to produce a beam of x-rays. When the tube passes through the body, some parts of the X-ray beam energy get absorbed by the body, which is dubbed X-ray beam attenuation.

Doctors and Patients – 9 Important Things You Should Know For Your Health

To help you make some healthy choices, consider the following. Here are some common mistakes that doctors make, which could lead to death and suffering if not picked up on. To blatantly ignore any of these errors is the same as driving your car out of the garage and going on a long journey, knowing the breaks could fail anytime…

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