The 7 Most Disliked Zodiac Signs Ranked

10 Minute Workouts!

Lack of time is the most common barrier to fitting in exercise. We are conditioned to think that we have to workout for 45 or 60 minutes in order to get results.

The Reason to Learn About CPR

Knowing CPR is a skill you may never be called on to use. But if you ever are, knowing CPR can mean the difference in life or death.

Air and Water Filtration: Use a Filter or BE The Filter – And Suffer The Consequences

In so many details of our lives, we have a choice. And regarding our health, we have a choice whether to take vitamins, exercise or take other steps to feel better and prevent disease. When it comes to air and water purification, we have a choice, as well. We can either use a filter to trap and remove all of the pollutants or we can allow our bodies to be the filter-and suffer the consequences. Or, we can choose to avoid the hazards. It’s really up to us. According to the EPA, one of the greatest health threats we face today (in fact in the top five major health threats) is…

Five Tips To Maintain A Beautiful And Young-Looking Skin

There are many ways to keep a young-looking skin. Listed below are some of them.

Reasons Why New Year’s Fitness and Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

Every year millions, if not billions of people make New Year’s Resolutions to eat right, get fit & lose weight – and most have abandoned them by March 31st at the latest. Here are the top reasons for their failure and how YOU can avoid making these same mistakes year after year.

Knee Dislocation Surgery

Dislocation of the knee or more specifically the patella is a common knee injury that is typically caused by a sudden trauma in the form of a twist or direct hit on the knee, causing the patella to pop out of its usual position in the femoral groove towards the end of the femur. Knee dislocation will be accompanied by a sudden acute pain followed by periods of immobility leading to disability. In order to treat it, open or arthroscopy surgery will be required to repair the damages.

How to Be Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer

Losing weight is one area of people’s lives that they struggle with. It takes discipline and months of hard work, it would be easier if we could all afford a personal trainer that would be with us every day, but we don’t, so we have to become our own personal trainer. The concept of losing weight is simple, you need to lose the extra weight there are many different ways to do it, one is to watch your calorie intake and then to exercise.

Fitness Boot Camp – A Good Way To Stay In Shape

Perhaps you feel like you are getting older and so you have decided to get up early and do some exercise routine and jog routinely. At some point, this routine could make you feel and look younger, healthier and feel better. However, you would probably go back to your sedentary life if you miss a number of days carrying out such routine.

The Simple Truth Of Our Body’s NOT So Simple System

Your body and a city are similar. Is your city a thriving metropolis or one that is crumbling?

Is Taurine Bad For You?

Taurine supplements have often times been used to help improve physical and mental performance. But what is the science behind Taurine? In this article we will explore the scientific facts about taurine and how it can affect your health.

Caffeine In Energy Drinks

Caffeine is a stimulant that has been used for many centuries in many different drinks and beverages. Caffeine has been the subject of quite a heated debate between scientists, nutrition experts, medical researchers, and of course larger manufacturing companies. We’ll take a very detailed look at the dangers and potential benefits that come from Caffeine.

Taurine In Energy Drinks

Taurine is a popular ingredient used in energy drinks. We will take a look at exactly what taurine is, how it interacts with the human body, and how it was discovered.

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