The Low FODMAP Diet | Doctor Explains IBS, Bloating & Gas Treatment

Hello and welcome to another exit of the kitchen with dope to north in haste i said i think hatred that has been scientifically proven to help a cohort of people not that be fought and that’s diet what do you mean to or what is the foot not taught and why is that even important to me why the fuck not died since sounds for for men it to go sack right monosaccharide and polio yes it is a mouthful and finishing third is a sentence sugars that we know are not very well as i tested in our intestines should who my bf leash struggle to absorb the sugars and hence that caused them to have their symptoms they slouch and then set wins that cramps diarrhea that we signed a bit on there and so we talk about for not dot we took about having a high or low end flip night and only pay well today i’ve got a beautiful color picture of one of the fool vegetables and fruits as well and going he goes through exactly what constitutes a about diet and will cost you a loaf will not diet so fast if you happened documents with op yes you talk to a doctor should made while she’s too tired yet i love photoshop dot now this is a diet that is low and their sugars because essentially what the idea is is if we tried to eliminate they should because we can hopefully then reduce your symptoms and that kind of see one pocket if your treatment all the treatments may encourage things like avoiding stress or caffeine or even try and simple things like mint tea or even some medications as well but we’re going to concentrate on the diet things you can try hard to see if it does help with and if you high s taught simpsons so if i thought let’s talk about the high for the maps died so what we’re looking at the high haifa not so looking at the foods that contain a lot of those sugars that your body to squirt absorbed very well and oh cool dude have or the symptoms now that a lot of food out there that she can in you in your cupboard she made nice as that can cause these symptoms and let’s get trickle couple of them today to go ahead and line to mind is packed with fishman see it is super healthy stupid and it’s just super tasty but it actually has quite high proportion of sugar than they should get that we don’t right well not so much mushrooms can actually the thing could look we can each one but again high for pass apples onions garlic like ice containing food such as costs she said one of the soft cheeses and even your milks as well as your left toes full milk and what do we have hit was awesome some sweetness such and he’s a sweetness that and in an old and this one is particularly a research all so the ended in l that is also a high foot not fair to these things that he wanted to voice all the fruits that are not on my table today include things like avocados green bell peppers cabbage broccoli brussels sprouts i mean if you like that kind of stuff good fee but it’s not so good if you do so from obvious he wants to cut that out as much as you can oh it will sounds doom and gloom don’t snore what can i possibly changed these are lovely fruits and and five and these vegetables full well look over here on the other side of my scouting we’ve got some beautiful food that also a pack and run i’m actually loving nutrients into this means that on low info about to learn their sugars that will settle a lot easier on your stomach so you didn’t have to assume tens of the selection as the diary of the crops etc and what are we gonna hate we go my all time favorite mr pumpkin i absolutely love pumpkins effect us as hell i’ve even done a video for you guys out that for healthy pumpkin pie recipe you want to check out things and taint not sufficient enough it’s been a it’s missy it is jam packed with lots of new trends but it’s also low and foot maps and lotion contents so like either is not the kind of symptoms if you have to provide yeah what else we go to red bell pepper rebel have a patch the game with six min see they’re also really good for your stomach as well and then we go grapefruits oranges margins are also really good carrots and tomatoes and eggs are ready to full you as a for not because on the other spectrum i phone’s not proteins into things like chick peas on licking and so at some of those beans as well so you might want to just switch things around that it’s it meets or so low in fort knox by say on marinated say if you go to appeal clean piece of meat for example poultry or red meat that is okay but if it is marinated or it’s called lot to sources around that nuts are house say what else have we gotten the low for them up she got they which also a jam packed with new shows before what was your syntactic in the morning and it also good for your glycemic control as well so that means everybody’s energy ever long period of time because that taste because life has that contain but if chagrined that you can go for eight lactose free alternative or if he wants he can have soy milk or even almond milk as well so they have that as a brief overview you know if not food and high school classes and as you can see on my table i have very limited amount of hype haifa not face because i pass and they find them a bit irritating to my stomach when i do eat them and even though he doesn’t have to well or should it still tastes like the original thing want to try some all that’s north i’ve always loved the love more here

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