The Top 10 Worst Foods For Diabetics – You Need To Avoid These!

How Can There Possibly Be A Conspiracy Theory About Yeast Overgrowth?

A conspiracy theory has been raised by some alternative medical proponents that yeast overgrowth is systemic and the cause of a number of different non specific symptoms other than the obvious and typical symptoms of vaginal thrush, oral thrush and skin infections. These symptoms have been associated with a condition referred to as yeast overgrowth syndrome, Candida hypersensitivity syndrome, yeast allergy, or gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth.

Three Things You Need To Pay Close Attention To When Learning How To Remove A Mole At Home

There are some essential things that anyone attempting to learn how to remove skin moles at home should learn. This article looks at three such things, and their importance.

Warning Signs Of Anxiety And Panic Attacks In Men And How To Deal With Them

Warning signs: The signs and symptoms of panic attacks can vary from one person to another. Also, it is critical to understand that the indications and symptoms can be different from one attack to the next. It is actually quite possible that the individual encountering a panic or anxiety attack may go through one range of signals or symptoms for one panic or anxiety attack and many others for the next episode.

9 Ways To Get A Better Butt

If you want to have a better rear view, there are some exercises that you can use to give your butt a natural make over. The shape of your buttocks is determined by the muscles of the butt namely, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus, in combination with the overlying fat. If you can make use of exercises that target and develop these muscles, you will build a tighter and more rounded buttock.

There Is Great Joy to Be Had Owning a Mobility Scooter!

A few years ago, mobility scooters were unfortunately synonymous with old age and disability.  It’s fair to say that stigma has been lifted and now thousands of us enjoy the freedom and convenience Mobility Scooters offer.  The obvious benefits are obvious!

What Is a Natural Diet?

The term natural diet can lend itself to a range of meanings depending on who you ask, but one thing everyone can agree on is that a natural diet must promote good health and be devoid of highly processed foods. Some nutritionists believe that the paleo diet (also known as the caveman diet), which supports the consumption of wild edibles and naturally available animal products, is the most natural kind of diet out there, because it’s based and what we think humans have been eating for thousands of years, before we had agriculture and farming.

Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition

Learn to apply a two-ounce tub of tanning creme evenly over your skin. Ask for help from a friend when rubbing in the skin coloring product with a glove or with one’s bare hands. Take note of these tips to turn your pale skin or uneven skin tone into your dream tan — a golden brown or red bronze — before a competition.

3 Ways You Can Stop Being Such a Toxic Person

Be aware that five to ten million household poisonings are reported each year from Toxic Products. Many of these of which are fatal and happen to children. Whether this is caused by an accident or by a serious devastating disease, this could all be avoided by the choices that we make in our homes to choose Toxic or Non-Toxic products.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday rush is right around the corner! Shopping, dinners, holiday parties, holiday treats and crazy business wreck havoc on our bodies, minds and emotions. It’s not hard to see why! The holidays tend to bring extra pounds, sicknesses, low energy levels and too much stress! In fact the incidence of flu and colds double in December and January and it’s no wonder why! But, with a few easy tips you can stay healthy and balanced and sail into January looking and feeling your best!

When to Find a Personal Care Assistant

There are a lot of senior citizens living in the world and it is not always in the minds of their children to have them sent to a senior citizen’s home. However, over the course of time it is likely that senior citizens will require some form of personal care in order to make it through the day. Having someone available to assist with caring for your aging parents is therefore something that you might find necessary in the near future.

A Salt Substitute Not Only Helps Lower Daily Sodium Intake But Is A Necessity For Many Health Issues

For many people a salt substitute means more than just cutting down on their intake of salt, it is a medical necessity. Those dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension, Meniere’s disease, diabetes, dialysis, just to name a few health issues, who need a low sodium diet. Having a salt substitute that does not aggravate their condition while providing a salty taste and preferably no potassium chloride, plays an important part for success.

Rocker-Bottom Shoes – Can You Really Stride Your Way Into Shape?

The potential benefits of rocker-bottom shoes like the Sketchers Shape Ups to tone your body simply by walking are well advertised – but does the hype live up to the science? This article examines recent research on the topic.

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