The Truth About Ba2 COVID Variant! What You Need To Know About This Stealth Omicron Variant

The Different Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery performed to alter the size or shape of the nose or to restore proper function to the nasal structures. The most common rhinoplasties are called Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. A plastic surgeon may also be required to perform a Revision Rhinoplasty, also called a Secondary Rhinoplasty. For minor changes to the nose, there is also a non-surgical procedure called Filler Rhinoplasty.

Recovering From Car Accident Trauma

Car accidents can cause trauma or even death, but for people who do get injured, the wounds they suffer can be on the outside, but they can also be on the inside as well. Cuts, bruises, and sprains all heal in a short time, but what about the fear that was involved in the car accident?

The Fitness Care Centers Are Their Benefits

The role of fitness to humans is obvious and needs not to be overemphasized. However, it takes an individual initiative to maintain the health of the body. The fitness of your body is determined by you. Therefore, you need to take initiative of your own fitness and work towards improving it.

Is Sitting the New Smoking? Does Your Desk Job Put Your Health at Risk?

“Sitting Is The New Smoking” was the headline in many articles run this winter. Does that get your attention? It certainly got mine and I have continued to think about it through the long winter we had and as we move into warmer weather. Though I exercise regularly, sitting much of the day still may be bad for my health.

Stopall Vs Real Houswives

I grab a tissue and wipe my runny, itchy nose and settle down to watch TV. Dern allergies! I am, other than dealing with post nasal drip, engrossed in the fascinating interaction of the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Complications in Sonography: To Tell or Not to Tell?

In the world of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, there is little more rewarding than providing parents-to-be with glimpses of their little one developing in the womb. From a video of the first heartbeat to three-dimensional images taken near the end of the pregnancy, allowing parents and loved ones to view the growth and development of their babies is arguably one of the most satisfying aspects of a sonographer’s career. However, what happens when a scan does not go as planned, and the sonographer realizes that there is a complication with the pregnancy?

Advantages Of a Testosterone Booster

Keeping your body strong and healthy can help improve your performance and lifestyle. So, if you have low testosterone levels, it is best to opt for supplements that can help you.

How to Put On Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are used to help improve blood circulation in the legs. The most common users of compression stockings are patients who suffer from varicose veins, are recuperating from surgery or have spider veins. These stocking can also help relieve the symptoms of swelling, heaviness or pain in the legs.

Let Them Get Fat

When I get away to Michigan to see my mom, the kids and grandkids, and some friends, it can be intense but a lot of fun. It’s always been very important for me to stay in touch with family and friends. And the experience always rejuvenates me.

Parasite Symptoms – How to Know If You Have One With Ideas to Prevent and Kill Them!

A parasite can be feeding off you right now! Know the signs as well as how to prevent getting them and how to kill them!

Keep Your Medicines Safe in Glass Vials and Plastic Bottles

Medicines are best to be kept in glass vials. Though they are the preferred choice over plastic vials due to environmental concerns yet plastic bottles have their own benefits.

Vaccinations: 11 Questions Challenging Their Effectiveness

If vaccines are the harbinger of healthiness then the following questions should be answered with ease, having supporting evidence where needed. Remember, there are all sorts of pressures put on individuals such as those on parents to vaccinate their children, so certain people; lobbyists, medical / pharmaceutical establishment, political or educational representatives must sincerely believe in the efficacy of vaccinations…

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