THIS Fungi May Actually Help BOOST Your Lungs πŸ„

Comparing Edible Insects To Cattle

Protein and nutrients are available in most food sources but when you compare the differences between bugs and beef you discover that edible insects are more efficient. They cost less to feed, take less space and are high in the nutritional requirements we need in our diet.

The Amazing Healing Power Of Guyabano

During my trips to Asia, I encountered various exotic fruits that looked and smelled too strange to try to eat. And yet, those fruits produce the most beneficial nutritional properties that can fight many of the deadliest diseases, including cancer. While only a few of you are familiar with the existence of this fruit, I try to explain to you what this fruit really is and what it has to offer.

Eating Habits – The Best Foods for a Bad Mood

In a bad mood? Before you rush off to bury your sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s flavored beer, you might want to think about other foods that can have a positive influence on how you feel. Most people do not realize the fact what you eat on a day-to-day basis can affect your mood, so by turning to the right foods, you can become happier. Let’s look at a few of the best mood-boosting foods to start adding to your eating plan today

Food Awareness For A Healthy Life

As the old age goes’ you are what you eat’, eating healthy defines our health and wellness to a large extent. What is needed is a healthy diet that can balance the nutritional needs of our body and support our exercise routines to provide optimum results.

When Cyclists Want To Lose Weight

Nutrition clients sometimes present with problems that seem straightforward, but turn out to be a bit of a surprise. This article covers such a situation.

5 Ultimate Food Supplements That Promote Health and Well Being

If you do feel you need a little more energy and would like to supplement your diet, my recommendation is to supplement with “super-foods” which are foods rich in nutrients and enzymes that promote health. Read to learn more about supplements that promote health and well being.

3 Ways to Eat Healthy Without Sacrifice

Eating healthy for the purpose of getting lean, shedding off those pounds or just getting healthy is the way to go. And you know it. But eating like you know you should can be a frustrating challenge.

What You Should Know About Insulin

Let’s talk insulin. Mention the “I word” to a low carb dieter, or even a clean eater, and you can virtually see them turn white as the blood drains from their face in abject horror. To them, insulin is the big bad guy in the nutrition world.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Boosting testosterone levels due to the natural decrease with age can be done naturally without expensive supplements. Soy protein, milk and commercially-raised beef are three of the worst foods you can eat if you have low testosterone levels. But there is good news! Here are the top five very best foods you can eat to raise your testosterone levels naturally and safely.

Physical Effects of Alcohol on Athletes

The physical effects of alcohol on athletes can range from dehydration, lack of performance, lack of endurance and energy levels and poor recovery time. Alcohol is the most common drug abused by athletes an it can have a considerable effect on their ability to train and perform.

Resolutions for A Healthier You

The commitment to change your lifestyle for better health is a positive move. Thoughtfully consider the choices available to ensure a healthy and happy you.

Selaginella As A Healing Power In Plant-Based Diet

Despite the fact that there are more than 700 species, the Selaginella is relatively underutilized as its medicinal value is not yet fully realized. While it is better known as a groundcover plant and ferns for cut flowers, several species of Selaginella are also used as edible greens. For instance, the spikemoss is similar to shallots, as both have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-allergen benefits. They improve heart health, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. While shallots stimulate digestive enzymes, spikemoss affects metabolism proteins. However, both protect against UV rays and blood clotting as well. Bearing the sobriquet ‘resurrection plant’, spikemoss gets hydrated and active under wet conditions Another miracle herb, Black seed (Nigella sativa) has a wide spectrum of activities related to immune and respiratory systems, stomach, liver and kidney; and in relieving pain and spasms. All these may complement the work of selaginella, and contribute to your overall wellness.

Why Protein Is Important for Recovery?

The crucial role of protein for muscle recovery must not be overlooked. You need to supply your body with protein to make it possible for your muscles to maintain optimum strength and capacity without being robbed of energy during strenuous physical activities. The daily protein dietary reference intake (DRI) for people who are 18 years old and above is 0.8 grams/body weight kilogram. It applies to everyone regardless of individual routine activities.

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