This SIMPLE Technique Can Quickly Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm ❗

Cooking Apple Varieties of Ireland

This article looks at some of the cooking apple varieties grown in Ireland today. Some will be better known to the reader than others.

Four Herbs for a Healthy Liver

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the body. The British Liver Trust website states that the liver has almost 500 functions with some of the main functionalities listed below…

Mad Men

Two towns in California have a “soda tax” on this November’s ballot. Soda directly contributes to serious health conditions which cost tax payers billions of dollars a year. It’s time to view soda as a health hazard.

My Relationship to Food

Eating whatever is handy may pacify our immediate hunger, but leave us feeling unsatisfied. When food is lovingly prepared and eaten mindfully, our bodies and spirits are truly nourished.

Top 5 Healthy Muffin Recipes

Home baking is a healthy treat, however we may be reluctant to indulge due to the inherent unhealthy nature of baking. But with some minor adjustments you can still enjoy the taste of home baking, without the guilt.

Boost Your Metabolism

Some people can wolf down calories without ever gaining weight. I, unfortunately, am not apart of this group. Finding ways to boost my metabolism has been challenging with time constraints but it can be done!

Benefits of Mango

With such versatility, mango has earned its place in our kitchens, as anti-aging natural cosmetics ingredient and as an incredible health promoting fruit. Contrary to general belief, mango is suitable for type 2 diabetics, it is an excellent detoxifying and energizing fruit. A delicious, easy to make, no bake recipe has been created for all my readers!

Make The Most of The Day – Get Started With Breakfast

You can build the foundation for a winning day by simply starting the day with breakfast. I know you’ve heard it before, it’s true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are grabbing your house keys and heading out in the mornings without eating trying to save time, or calories you are squandering the savings.

How Marketing Terms Affect Our Diet

According to social cognitive theories, food advertising has significant influence on our unhealthy eating behavior both consciously and unconsciously. Behaviors such as aggression, loyalty, rudeness and walking speed are activated according through external stimuli without the person’s awareness.

20 Top Muscle Building Foods

Do you want to know what to eat to build muscle, loose fat and maintain a healthy immune system? Then read on.

What’s the BIG Deal With Organic and Why Should I Spend My Hard Earned Money on It?

Enter any grocery store or market and organic food, particularly produce, looks exactly the same as conventional, but costs more. What’s the point? Is it all a crafty sales technique? You are not alone. I used to wonder the same thing. Here’s the deal.

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies are perfect additions for a more healthy life. It is a mixture of fruits and vegetables with cold water or ice which forms a rich and nutritious drink. Green smoothies are not only the healthiest choice to drink but there are also many benefits involved in its consumption. Unlike most modern drinks that contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals, Green smoothies are healthy and above all 100% natural.

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