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Don’t Make Your Illness Worse

Many people inadvertently feed their illness, making it grow worse. They do this by giving a lot of attention to it. They keep their ill health at the forefront of their minds by talking about it. They thus slow down or thwart completely Nature’s natural healing processes by their not understanding a fundamental Psychological Law.

Why Is Home Healthcare on the Rise?

In small towns and bustling cities all across America, family members are taking care of loved ones at home. Statistics support the increase in home caregiving. What prompted this increase?

3 Reasons Why Saturated Fat Is Your New Best Friend

You often wonder why your energy levels are low and every time you look in the mirror you see no progress. Fat is accumulating around your waist and you have just enough energy to get your butt off the couch.

Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells form the most basic and essential component of the human body. They are capable of differentiating and maturing to other kinds of cell having special functions. Their distinguished characteristic is the fact that they are self-generating, meaning they split to generate additional stem cells.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment With Traditional and Alternative Remedies!

There are many ways someone can treat basal cell carcinoma. This article shares many traditional ideas as well as a herbal remedy that you should know about.

Tomato: A Miracle Fruit

Not many of us are aware from this very fact that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable and is full of health benefits. A few people reckon it as a miracle fruit because of the health wonders it has to offer.

How Can An LPG Treatment Address Your Fitness Concerns

It can really be very frustrating to see fat deposited in problem areas like the thighs and tummy even after you made such efforts to lose them. Some people who cannot get rid of stubborn fat turn to invasive treatments. However, such treatments are too risky or too costly, hence most fitness experts recommend LPG treatment.

Whether Or Not Medical Cannabis Should Be Widely Accepted

While criticized by many, medical Cannabis or Marijuana is still being used for treatment purposes. There are benefits, but the side effects also must be considered.

Horrible Hormone Mimics – 8 Tips to Reduce Your Exposure

Your food, water and air are loaded with dangerous hormone-mimicking compounds called xenoestrogens. Use these 8 tips to reduce and eliminate your exposure…

The Versatility of Argan Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails

If you don’t know about argan oil, you will learn about the great advantages of using argan oil on your hair, skin and nails. This article will tell you about the different kinds that are available. You will also learn how it is currently being used.

6 Tips to Manage and Improve Your Heart Health

Did you know that more people die of heart disease than any other disease? It is the number one cause of death, in men as well as in women, and the irony of it all is that heart disease can be prevented by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle.

Castor Oil Benefits You May Not Know of

While it is no secret that the scientific world has made good amount of progress in the last few centuries, there are also concerns raised about how good antibiotics and other medicines can be. The same antibiotic may not work time and again and scientists today are worried that diseases soon may be resistant to antibiotics. However, the use of antibiotics is to be reserved only for severe illness.

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