Tired All the Time? – Doctor Explains the Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

I am so tired it sounds like you well show to watch on because in today’s i’ve had abducted or i go through the reason for why you may be feeling tight overtime and what we’d account for i doctors and how you can help yourself to feel better initially thought one point five percent of consultations that presented the family dumped all the general practitioner or surround the feeding of tired or feeling fatigued but what does this actually mean well let’s take a closer look when somebody is getting tied off the t they may feel that they’ve lost the ambition they’ve lost that motivation they feel sleepy despite having a long period of time sleeping rather like my friend scalia over here or they may just feel drained and no energy but there are certain things that we need for as general practitioners to find out whether the reason joe fitting tied off most most simplistic reasons or they have more serious it’s pretty thin so let’s take a look at those symptoms together let me you might come into the dock tiny thing to talk i am feeling so exhausted even though i have my for my five but my broken every day i still feel really tight surely that must be something wrong with me or it may be you she built to even though you’ll see think eight hours a day saw that like her world but you still feel tired and there are certain symptoms that we live for us don’t test that kind of will elicit any sort of red flag symptoms and they’d be questions along the lines of well are you bleeding are you beating abnormally for example if you’re a lady who’s experiencing periods what are your periods like are they particularly heavy compared to say an average person because if your period a super heavy you might be experiencing some on deficiency and that may be the contribution cause of your ties us but conversely from that if you don’t experience period and you’re still feeling tight and you’re on is low then we need to find out why is your and low why is it that you’re not able to keep up your on intake is it because purity dutch resources or is there something and tunnel bleeding going on inside that is cool teach so tied because let’s face it if outline is like we do for really tired and lethargic we all start in front line is low we feel a little bit of shortness of breath we might experience some heart palpitations maybe i’ll hell are we getting thin out maybe i’ll skin will be quite dry as well so there’s a whole load of symptoms that can go with an on deficiency although the questions that we may i ask you is whether or not you’ve had any recent weight loss no good fears mean hitting the gym five days a week and you’ll trimming down to selma well done you but if you’re somebody who isn’t doing anything and you’re simply just shutting off the pounds we need to know why is that they shutting off the pounds because sometimes it could be a reason that may not be a very healthy reason and sometimes it may be a sign of cancer so it’s really important that we find out from yourself and we your medical docs out what it is that’s causing you to feel tired because if there is something sinister lucky then that can cause you to feel tied as well of a sentence that we may ask you about is whether or not you are experiencing fevers if you’re feeling costs will sweat see if you’re feeling show ces press and whether you oh the passing and he’s recently experienced a new onset of tiredness this may also be up some red flags in online to think is there’s something else going on here so it’s super important when you do present your doctor with fittings so tired all the time you have to think about how long does it mean to feel tied for what is your diet like what is your appetite like oh you lose wait are you gaining weight because confessed me if you’re gaining weight and you’re feeling tired that may help us to diagnose for example a thyroid problem which is the guy that sits in neck or to hate which is responsible for our metabolism so there’s a lot of symptoms that can go around feeling title of the time and it may not just simply be you know what i’m going to say and i’m just sitting tied so how do we categorized you as medical doctors let’s take a little look i can see on my flip chart at hate we can have like at the possible causes of tiredness and the up common things are common lucky as a general practitioner a lot of my patients that come in with feeding tide will often fall into this to agree on these ones on a sinister i say some of these ones are the hip so what do i mean by common well sometimes if you just had a recent viral infection we also know that there’s a bit of a lack of body to get that stuff and so we all see if you’ve had a virus recently or any sort of infection because we know that that can be a post viral fatigue which means you’re to tired because your body is still recovering over it’s illness similarly if you are feeling quite stressed or anxious that can also contribute she sitting tight as well you know the cases it may be due to a sleep disorder much like my friend of his scholarly he’s having a bit of difficulty sleeping at night time he’s not able to shut his eyes and ton of his brain and falling asleep and very often that can be the commonest reason as to why you might be feeling tied because if you don’t get that deep sleep every night you suddenly wake up feeling on refresh to confess the from that people who may be suffering mood disturbances may also be experiencing typist and you’ll find that if you do pressure medical doctor they may quiz your little bit about your mood and find out if there is any on the line…read more here

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