Too Afraid to Ask About Genital Herpes? | Doctor Explains Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 👩‍⚕️

House you’ve just been diagnosed with it maybe even just a little bit curious well in today’s episode of don’t snore i go through everything you need to know about jenna poppy let’s talk about what actually is done to have these welch’s will have these comes from a virus and let us see how piece of simplex virus now they’re all plenty of ours is out that any particular happy simplest ours has come in two forms hey jesse one i’d hate to see too now some of you may have how does hate to see one as being one that happens around the mouth and that gives you also typically i’m generally speaking take just the to is one that gives you a list is down says aka jazz who have these however because of increasing different practices and so on we all thought these c hate to see one happening downstairs on vices us up because of the different practices that were doing you know they say lives don’t you nor what is hate to see and why do i even care about it like what does it affect me well it is actually a reason home an f b i or otherwise than of the sexually transmitted infection now go to sleep through my own practice i have seen quite an uptake all people coming in with that first presentation of h i see two or just will happy so i told him to stay out to you guys out there because older people coming to my door and they might be in the twins so the early twenties and they come in and it might be asta first time that i’ve had in to somebody and they broken out with these gentle happy and i absolutely distraught and distressed so i’m hoping that if it if it’s to help to bust up so they smith and help you guys little it will confident and comfortable in your day to day life up to norris he said that you see low these cases recently but how common is it actually well in australia one in eight australians over the age of twenty five are actually diagnosed with i see so huffy simplex virus and having a cold sore a copy some text one mouse is a lot more common than having hates to see to it we’ll just we’ll have these now the reason that says we think it’s because hey jesse two is less common he died in fact she studies have shown that such a cent of the population heckle get into hobbies but maybe eighty percent of them are actually undiagnosed so that goes to show that house with his little bit scared about talking about these things will we don’t want to put child’s out so i let a genuine i tend to stay in general practice as well okay so we’ve seen how is and we think it might be more common than we actually know how is actually transmitted wealthy happy simplex virus is transmitted through skin to skin contact now that is general very intimate skin to skin contact with someone like your friend his colleague who obviously has got no skin so how’s he get it from my as this golly however we tend to get cold so if for example we kissed somebody who’s got a call so on them off or pass somebody’s list is downstairs and you’re engaging in sexual practices with that person so then kidney the way to avoid the transmission is to avoid any close contact with somebody who has gone active list ah now that could be somebody’s going to so on them mouth or somebody when he placed is down below and that is probably the most one way of protecting yourself against any of these the eyes however we do know that sometimes you can actually transmit the virus even when you haven’t shown any symptoms for example if you didn’t have a so the virus may still shed on to the other person and that does depend on the few things for that person who is receiving just gets can contact whether or not their immune system is nice and strong will go into a little bit more v until they turn the video but let’s just sucks you don’t hate to see too we’ll just we’ll happy now as a general practitioner i tend to see things come in waves now few years ago i remember when gonorrhea was all the rage i think you’re on the go go through that through some good contact tracing and lots of treatment as well and then last year we saw quite a bit of committed going on and they see it seems to be huffy simplex virus yeah i’m seeing a lot of patients coming in pops in the early twenties ups in the late teens coming in with these horrible blisters and everything when you have that first episode of dental hobbies it is often the worst expect you will i have a house and people will come in and they might have a pro driver which means they have but as illness before that actually get lesions on that private parts and that could mean they might be feeling really tired or they might be things feverish of them might have headaches and they go when he sweats they just want to be feeding very well and then gemini what happens after but a time they may start noticing some of the parents of the blisters in places i shouldn’t be that and said jimmy what we tend to see if is which can an osaka and they also rated and they didn’t rape painful and they really so on one of the commonest symptoms of patients you all presenting with these symptoms they may feel that itching sensation light so really kind of a budding sensation all this horrible uncomfortable getting that they may not be able to walk up sit down comfortably and that is often the time we tend to see them in general practice because they’re screaming out for help hope in addition to those itching feelings and the bunting sensation you may also notice is that you’ll blinds in your brew in aerosols sweating often see myself getting some lumps and bumps and your groin line and that means that you what are you slicing sense that she is working as hard as it can to get rid of it and so has what was your plan to stop sweating off as well…read more here

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