Top 10 Antioxidants for Your Lungs (Natural Detox and Cleanse)

New Food Labelling Guidelines for the United Kingdom

New food labelling guidelines has been published by the UK Government. It details the recommendations into how pre packed foods should be labelled. However it must be taken into consideration that this type of food labelling is voluntary for food companies.

The Key To Good Health Is Simple, Though Not Easy

The basic principles about maintaining good health throughout life are relatively simple. In the absence of some bad luck, following some simple and basic principles will help protect your health throughout your life. However although it’s simple that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy.

Health and a Handbag

Women spend millions of dollars each year on purses and handbags, yet many claim they can not afford to eat high quality food. This article takes a look at this.

Senior Nutrition: Hydration and Healthy Aging

Water and hydration is important for staying healthy as we age. Unfortunately, many studies show that seniors and the elderly are not drinking as much water as they should. This results in many negative physical and mental effects that could have been avoided with a glass of water!

The Benefits of Going Raw

Wondering about whether the raw food diet is a good choice for you? Read on to learn some of the health benefits from this lifestyle.

Proper Food for the Body According to Modern Physics

Many have written about the health benefits or lack thereof of certain foods for the body. Typically these perspectives focus on the effect that certain foods have on being either causes or preventers of health issues. However modern physics findings offer a different perspective on what proper food for the body really is.

A Few Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym and How to Combat the Problem

Many of us have tried to get fit, but for some reason we seem to be able to not get anywhere at all. We try the latest diets and supplements, we buy the hottest wear, and we join the best gyms in the area. Yet we still can’t get to where we want to be at weight wise.

Neuropathy Treatment Nutrition: Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is a nutrient that, like all vitamins, is essential to health and life. Vitamin B3 helps our bodies convert food into energy, burn fat properly, and is largely responsible for helping us feel energized!

The Not So “Blissful” Truth Behind Added Sugar

Excess sugar intake has negative effects on the body. Learn what words mean sugar on a food label, and how much sugar is too much!

An Analysis Of The Health Benefits Of Juicing

Juicing is a great way to get micro nutrients into you body, but what is juicing and what are the health benefits. The following will inform you of the basics of juicing and how beneficial it can be for you.

Your Body and Fast Food

Everyone knows that fast food is quick, easy, and can be cheap. However have you ever sat down and read the facts about fast food? There are plenty of reasons why it can be very bad for you.

Real Facts on Protein

Ever wonder if you need a protein supplement? There are so many to chose from and it can be confusing. Be your own warrior and make sure you know what is in your supplement.

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