Top 10 Cooking Oils… The Good, Bad & Toxic!

How Garlic Can Assist With Liver Health

Seldom will we find a food which is so versatile in making food taste so good that has the health benefits that garlic has. Long a staple of the Mediterranean diet, people who are into healthy cuisine are finding more ways to use this wonderful herb. Its benefit as an antioxidant and healer in the body is now well-known, but here we will talk specifically about how it helps maintain a healthy and fit liver.

Why Low Fat, No Fat Food Equals No Good

The past couple decades we have been taught that no fat, low fat foods are the way to go to prevent disease and live a healthy lifestyle. It is this same advice that has now backfired, causing obesity and disease rates to skyrocket. To reverse this trend, Americans need to return to a real food diet with plenty of healthy saturated fat. Most fear this idea at first, afraid of gaining weight, however, the reverse has been shown to happen. This article discusses 5 reasons why we need to put the fat back into our diet.

Is the Paleo Diet Safe?

As with any new, or newly popular, diet, it has become common to question whether the Paleo Diet is safe. The Paleo diet is, of course, a way of eating based on the diet of Paleolithic Man, the hunter gatherer, or caveman. So what is the answer? Is the Paleo Diet safe or is it another dangerous fad?

What Essential Oils Work Best in a Green Smoothie?

There are many advantages to adding essential oils to your smoothie. Outstanding flavor is reason number one. But that’s just the beginning. You save time because you can make up a batch of smoothies for several days, and they won’t oxidize (spoil) in the fridge. Learn about all the other reasons and guidelines for choosing the right essential oils to go in your favorite smoothie recipes.

Eating Fat Makes You Fat – Right? Foods to Avoid

Logically, it makes sense that eating fat would make you fat. However, if we ban all fat from our diet, we’re not actually helping ourselves. The key is to know the different types of fat and how much to eat of each one.

Obesity Prevention Programmes

There are many conditions that are sweeping the unhealthy nations of today, and it seems not only are type 2 diabetes and obesity an epidemic in adults, it’s being transferred to our children too. Being obese is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes, and the only way to prevent it is to shed those pounds and cut back on the unhealthy foods. There are many things you could search for while looking for obesity prevention programmes, you could even make your own measures of prevention, but to start you off I’ve compiled what I feel…

Eat to Grow: The Importance of the Post-Workout Meal

We all want to get the most out of our workout. We put so much time and effort into being at the gym we need to maximize our gains! The proper combination of carbohydrates and protein immediately after a workout will set you up to fully utilize your workout!

Sushi Nutrition – Is Sushi REALLY That Healthy for You?

The nutritional benefits of sushi is a subject that has long been debated and one that is often on the minds of sushi lovers. It is also something pondered by those considering sushi as an alternative food source to incorporate into their diet for better health or maybe to offset the adverse effects of eating a normal western diet which is often high in unhealthy fats (trans and saturated), red meat, processed foods and calories. But is sushi a better choice? Is it really healthy for you? Let’s find out…

Find Out If You Are Really Eating Healthy

If you truly want to eat healthy for an entire day, everything that enters your mouth needs to be taken into account. The cans or bottles of soda, bags of chips from the vending machine, candy bars from the gas station, boxes of girl scout cookies in the car, even that bowl of ice cream eaten late at night. Time and time again people who attempt to lose weight fail and one of the main reasons why this happens is because of their daily nutrition. Find out if you really are eating healthy.

Infant Acid Reflux in the Breastfed Baby

What can a Mom do to relieve acid reflux in baby? How can you prevent acid reflux in baby?

All About The Fantastic Chia Seed

The chia seed is a highly nutritional superfood. Is an excellent food for brain and bone health.

The Dangers of Superfoods

People look to certain foods to be a magic bullet. But food is a part of a whole system. Don’t fall for the superfoods myth.

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