Top 10 Foods High In Protein That You Should Eat

Hello health champions people often ask how much protein do i need to eat but the answer is no one really knows no one can pin down an exact number so rather than that and we’re going to take a look at understanding protein understanding what it does and what the different factors are so instead of asking how much do we need we want to understand there’s more to it than just reading the label and adding up the grams of protein what about digestion if you can’t digest that if you can’t break down protein then you can’t absorb it and then it it’s no use to you also the quality is hugely important because the quality determines how much of the protein becomes tissue and how much if the protein is converted into glucose and we’ll cover that in some detail and we also want to understand how the if cold it is to get protein toxicity and what happens when we do and talk about something called rabbit starvation i want to go over ten different foods and ten different categories of foods that are often promoted as great protein sources and i want to explain and help you understand what our are the different factors that make them a good or not so great source of protein now soy is often a vegetarians choice it’s often promoted it’s included as in food bars and textured vegetable protein and it’s in a million different forms one of the more common is soya milk and i don’t think that’s usually such a great source because it often comes loaded with sugar it is typically a gm m food genetically modified and it is very hard to digest and because it’s hard to digest then it is also a very common allergen it is consistently among the top three or four things that people are allergic to because of the way that we eat it and because it’s hard to digest another problem with soy is fido estrogens and these are plans compound and that can they make estrogen so they fit into receptor sites in humans females particularly and now they can either block it and keep the body’s estrogen from fitting in war they can fit in and stimulated so they can actually inhibit war overseas simulate either way they can unbalance your hormones system if you’re gonna eat soy i would recommend that you do it in a form like tofu or temp they were me so because of these are fermented now you have bacteria that have helped you digest them and all of the country’s all the cultures that have traditionally used soy in their diet they always eat fermented soy we’ll talk about some other factors that relate to this also on the quality of the protein but nevertheless it is an important source of pro eighteen it’s not my favorites not the best but it’s a very important staple for people who are vegetarian because it is more difficult to find quality proteins for them protein is essential and that means you cannot live without it and you have to add it through the diet on a regular bases carbohydrates are not essential fats and proteins are essential so the first thing the proteins do is they are building blocks fats provide a few structural elements like insulation for thermal insulation and electrical insulation and they insulating the surface of the cell from the inside from the outside that’s what fats to do everything else that’s a structural component is basically a protein so hair skin nails bone muscles connective tissue you name it the rest of it if it’s a building block it’s protein hemoglobin is also a protein the thing that carries your oxygen that delivers oxygen to the tissues that lives inside red blood cells next we have albumin and globulins now human is the main protein that provide it’s all small pool that holds the water inside the bloodstream without enough albumin the water leaks out causing and dina and with globulins do you want to think immune globulin as related to the immune system but also carriers so…Learn more here

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