Top 10 Foods That Stop Sugar Cravings

How To Recover From Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

This is the least invasive type of procedure available. Even though it is set up this way, you will have to care for your newly operated body parts. The phase of coping and management would have to be the days where you need to endure it.

What Is Gluten?

You walk through the store and you see the label ‘gluten free’ all over the place, right? What does it really mean? Does it mean that product is healthier for you? Marketers are hoping that’s what you think so you’ll buy the product, but the truth is, gluten isn’t bad for you unless you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten.

Did You Know Socially Responsible Drinkers Live Longer?

Many people believe drinking causes health problems. Well just like over eating, if you drink too much it certainly will cause all sorts of health problems. But recent research has proven that moderate amounts of alcohol consumed responsibly have many benefits… especially red wine.

Give Your Body a Boost With Healthy Smoothies

Many people these days complain about not having enough energy to do everything they want or about having various minor health problems they just can’t seem to get rid of. Everybody has taken some type of vitamins at one point in their lives and many people have made a habit out of taking various supplements that promise to make them feel better, only to end up disappointed most of the times. Unfortunately, when they fail to see the results they start looking for other vitamins instead of doing something that my actually help their bodies: introduce more nutrients into their daily diet.

The Lowdown on Metabolism

One of the obvious culprits when it comes to gaining weight is having a slow metabolic rate. Find out how you can increase your metabolism so you can lose or maintain your weight without resorting to drastic measures.

How to Become the Perfect Wet Shaver

Wet shaving is not about straight razors or vintage double edged razors, as most of you might think. It’s about the manly grooming ritual that involves a soap, a brush and a sharp steel, in whatever form it may come.

Mastering the Muscle Up for CrossFit

Many athletes struggle greater to do the muscle up, than they do just about any other technique in CrossFit. While technique is the most valuable tool an athlete has at his disposal, the development of the muscles used in this workout will assist the athlete in exploding above the rings, and having the kinesthetic muscle awareness to maintain proper technique. Many workout regimens I have seen are ineffective while others are dangerous. Today we are going to break down some vital workouts that, when used effectively, can help you achieve a perfect muscle up.

Body Beast Review

This is my personal Body Beast Review. It is based on my experience with the program over the past 60 days, and looks at both the workouts and nutrition.

Does Your Lifestyle Really Make You Sick?

So many things impact your health that it can be difficult to point to one and suggest it may be the cause. However, even if lifestyle factors aren’t the cause of a disease, they can still introduce a huge risk, which makes it important to identify and discuss them.

6 Easy Steps to Help You Avoid Acne

This revue is about Acne treatment but particularly how to avoid acne by practicing some simple tips. These tips are some of our daily practices and when you observe them or avoid them you can prevent yourself from having blemishes on your body.

Why Is My Right Shoulder 3 Inches Higher Than My Left? Cause? Spasmodic Torticollis

In 2009 I noticed that my chin was rotating to the right and my head was being pulled down toward my left shoulder. I was feeling great discomfort in that shoulder. My journey to finding out what plagued me was not an easy one.

This Is How I Increased My Energy Level at Work

According to a news article I read in October of 2013, only 13 percent of people worldwide actually love going to work. This is based on a study done by Gallup scientists who believe the reason that many people love their jobs is that they are not given the opportunity to really work on something that highlights their skills.

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