Top 10 Healthy Foods You Must Eat

Hello health champions today we’re gonna talk about the top ten healthiest foods to eat coming right up hey i’m doctor ekberg i’m a holistic doctor and a former olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss anything and make sure that you watch all the way they threw the video because i’m not just going to list various different foods i’m going to talk about why these foods are good for you and then at the end we’re going to have a little bonus for you because we all need a little treat in life at first i was gonna try to list the top ten healthiest foods but then i saw that’s kind of misleading because it leaves out so many other foods and it also tends to give us the wrong idea about what a food as opposed to do so often i see examples of super foods people say this is the food that you should eat or they’ll say something like what’s the number one healthiest food for us to eat and then people want to find out what that is and they want to eat nothing but that and that gives us the wrong idea of food it gives us the idea that the food as opposed to do something i often get the question so i have a headache what food am i supposed to eat i have high blood pressure what food am i supposed to eat you’re supposed to eat a variety of food the food aren’t supposed to do anything in terms of treating or che changing or altering body function they are just supposed to provide the stuff that your body needs alright so we want to get away from the idea of super foods okay i think there’s some foods they get pretty close like there’s just so jam packed of good stuff there’s just nothing bad to say about them but we don’t want to think about them as treating anything we want to get away from the number one healthiest food we want to understand that it’s the variety that complements each other and gives the body all the different building blocks and all the different catalysts and vitamins and minerals that it’s going to need another thing i want to caution on his natural foods just because something is in the section called natural food doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a health food they are often made with better ingredients they don’t use as many chemicals but they very often they’re still highly processed just be aware of that and every time i see that section in a grocery store that’s called natural food i can’t help but laugh cause i asked myself if there is a section called natural foods why don’t they labeled the rest of the the store on natural foods just a thought so because there’s so many healthy foods i didn’t wanna just talk about single item so i’m going to talk about categories and the first category of healthy food i believe are non starchy vegetables right so again i’m not listing these in any particular order because it’s the variety that provides the nutrition so non starchy vegetables include leafy greens so lettuce and spinach and kale and any sort of leaf is going to be very very high in nutrients and minerals and vitamins it’s in fiber and it’s going to be very low in carbohydrates and starch and sugar so pretty much any leafy green just eat as much as you can then there are things like broccoli and cauliflower and brussel sprouts and these aren’t leafy but there still low starch so those are also things that you can eat so learn as you go which vegetables have less than five percent carbs five percent net carbs so you take the total carbs you subtract the fiber cause some things have like fifteen grams of carbs but it’s almost all fiber than those are still perfectly fine all right so learn which ones have less than five percent net carbs and those you can eat plenty of and these vegetables provide enormous amounts of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals primarily number two batteries alright there is a lot of talk about fruits and berries and vegetables so here’s my little caviar here i think that you can eat some berries but i don’t think that more is better and i think the berries are the best type of fruit to eat because…read more here

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