Top 10 Indoor Plants for Increasing Oxygen Levels 24/7 🪴

Shedding Light on Vitamin D

I’m a native Floridian and I’m able to exercise regularly outdoors—most often you’ll find me counting my steps as I power walk. Now I know many of you are not in a perennially sunny region where bright sunlight is a bonus several months of the year. And this year the big chill made the thought of outdoor activity or exercise even more daunting. If you’re in a sun-less part of the country not only do you miss out on the warm and relaxing touch of streaming sun rays, you also miss out on Vitamin D.

What You Need To Know About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a health care profession that is based on the interactions of the spine and the nervous system. The care focuses on non-invasive and drug-free treatments for a number of symptoms and conditions such as: back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, soft tissue disorders, joint pains and strains.

How To Keep The Weight Off Once You’ve Lost It

If you are on your way to shedding some unwanted body fat or if you have achieved your fat loss goals, how do you stop putting on weight in the future? There are a few effective strategies which can help you maintain your new figure.

Dental Care, Why Humans Have It Easy

Dental care can seem like a chore, but humans should be thankful. We have it easy!

Drink Green Tea To Prevent Cancer

This article explains why it is important to drink green tea to prevent cancer and other health problems. This is the most widely consumed herb or botanical in the world.

4 Great Home Remedies For Blackheads

Blackheads on facial skin are a very common problem during teenage years. They are caused when dirt and dead cells get accumulated in the pores of the skin and they have an unattractive black appearance. One reason for their occurrence is hormonal changes in the body.

How to Choose Comfortable and Stylish Workout Clothes?

Deciding on the right clothing is always a difficult job, especially when it comes to workout clothes. This becomes more complicated, if you are too self-conscious on how you look. The exercise clothing also needs to be stylish as well as functional, so you will feel good about wearing them and they also serve as a perfect way to motivate you. Here are some tips on choosing the clothes that will keep you relaxed and improve your appearance, while you burn those calories.

Avoiding Hairy Situations: Argan Oil Leave in Hair Treatment

Nowadays, it is typical to see commercials to feature models with long, sleek, black hair. Their hair would be shiny and vibrant, with no flaws visible. This gives emphasis to the significance of the state of one’s hair for one to be labeled attractive and worthy of attention.

A Legacy for the Future: The Moroccan Argan Oil Industry

The industry of the Moroccan Argan oil production bears a striking resemblance to the humble beginning of Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank, a microcredit organization that brought financial services to the poor who wanted to start little businesses of their own. As with Yunus’s vision of providing a stable source of income for the impoverished, especially the women of Bangladesh, the production of Moroccan Argan oil is also seen to involve the ultimate goal of providing livelihood and eventual empowerment to the women of the traditionally male-dominated society of Morocco. It has given the women employment that assures them of continuous income for it involves a form of labor which at the moment had been proven to be only possible with the arduous work of human hands.

A Treasure Unearthed: Argan Oil Treatment and Argan Oil Benefits

Zoubida Charrouf, a university professor who helped found one of the first cooperatives that produced Argan oil, describes the Moroccan Argan oil as “liquid gold” in an article, entitled “Morocco’s Liquid Gold liberates Berbers,” by Leone Lakhani and George Webster of CNN. And it is easy to see why as the growing demand for this oil generates stable employment for the local women, increases recognition for Morocca as the only country exporting this product and encourages policies to conserve the population of the Argan trees at a sustainable level.

Skin Deep: Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin

A beautiful, flawless skin has always been and will always be imperative, especially for women, as attractiveness is considered to be a great asset in getting one acknowledged and recognized. Also, retaining one’s beauty could be equated with youth which leads to the universal truth that as much as possible no one truly wants to age.

Not to Be Glossed Over: Argan Oil Lip Gloss

The idea of lip coloring had been present since ancient times. Women as renowned as Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and Queen Elizabeth I of England used to color their lips red. Cleopatra used crushed ants and carmine in the base if beeswax to color her lips while Queen Elizabeth I used crushed, dried flowers, such as roses and geraniums, and beeswax to color hers. This cements the fact that women throughout history were conscious of the fact that keeping their lips rosy increases their sensual allure.

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