Side Effects of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly Side effects Royal jelly can be used to treat a lot of health problems but it also has some side effects. It can help: certain kinds of cancer, Grave’s disease, cholesterol and much more. The patient needs to consult a doctor before using the product to learn about royal jelly side effects.

Saturated, Unsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fat – What Does It Mean?

Have you heard the good news? Fat is good for you.

3 Yoga Poses to Detoxify Your Body

Your body has natural detoxification mechanisms that aid in getting rid of waste products and toxins; however, due to ill health you may find that your body is unable to get rid of the waste products. Luckily, if you are a yoga lover, you can use yoga to detoxify your body. Below are 3 yoga poses that you can use to detoxify your body.

Top 3 Challenges Yogis Face While Practicing At Home

Yoga requires consistent practice in order to master the different poses. One great way to ensure that you are consistently practicing is to practice at home. While practicing at home helps you to progress faster in your classes, many people have many challenges that prevent them from practicing. Here are some of the challenges and how to counteract them.

Cholesterol – Good or Bad?

Cholesterol is so vital to our body that we make it ourselves. We do not rely on our diet to provide it.

Benefits of Taking an Online Yoga Training Course

Taking an online course on yoga poses a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages include: Availability of a variety of courses: Training courses of all types of yoga are available on the internet. There are many online yoga sites that offer courses to beginners and also to the advanced yoga practitioners in the comfort and privacy of their places of convenience.

Royal Jelly and Fertility

Royal Jelly For Fertility The benefits of using royal jelly for fertility have been known by many traditional communities around the world for hundreds of years. However recently, scientific evidence has been found to back up this long suspected fact. Balanced Estrogen Levels Conditions such poly cystic ovaries and an irregular menstrual cycle are linked to having a hormone imbalance, and they can have a negative effect on fertility.

Tips for a Yoga Diet

Just like in any other exercise, the food that you take in yoga is of paramount importance. When planning your yoga diet, you should consider the three building stones of a yoga diet: Rajas, Sattiva and Tamas. These three are believed to create inner peace. Rajas represent passion, change and activity. Sattiva means purity while Tamas represents darkness. To make your yoga diet, you should have Rajastic, Sattivic, and Tamastic foods.

Benefits of Taking Meditation Classes

Meditation is the exercise of focusing your thoughts and energy on a single focal point. Taking medication classes has various benefits which include: Increased mental awareness and concentration: Meditation gives an individual the potential to view things from a point of view that is impartial by aiding in the awakening of the inner self. It increases self awareness and concentration thereby giving one the ability to search for solution to difficulties encountered by viewing issues from a different angle.

Principles of Online Yoga Training

Yoga has now been embraced all over as a healthy way of creating and maintaining balance between the mind, body and soul. Online Yoga Training is basically a yoga course that is facilitated through the internet and associated technology and applications such as video calls, chat rooms and email clients. Many people wish to attend classes for guidance on how to practice yoga however, some find that attending a class room course conflicts with their busy schedules

Trans Fat – What Is It?

Have you heard about Trans fats? Research from 1990 on, has shown that they are highly dangerous to our body.

Relieving Stress Through Sports

Stress is a part of everyday life and a certain amount of stress can usually be dealt with pretty effectively. However, when it builds to the point that it is seemingly ever present, steps need to be taken to significantly reduce the effects it has on the body.

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