Top 7 Unknown Herbs to Get Rid of Phlegm and Mucus in Your Throat

Is Iron Essential for Children’s Bodies?

Children are more prone to anemia during periods of rapid growth when they need more iron and they do not always receive it. Iron deficiency can occur from various reasons: a low diet in iron, blood loss and low iron absorption.

The Importance of Dietary Fiber and How It Works

Dietary fiber can act like a brush or broom that can move things along in your digestive tract. It can also bind or group selected unwanted materials and remove them from the digestive system.

The Use of Spirulina And Other Algae-Derived Supplements

With today’s heavy reliance on processed foods and manufactured drugs, it’s nice to know that there are natural alternatives for your increased health and well-being. There are several different supplements available that are derived from the power-packed algae of the sea. Although the different algae actually come from multiple salt water or fresh water sources, the common and powerful benefits bring the different types of algae together.

Yogurt Tastes Good And Is More Filling!

Information about the health benefits of including yogurt as part of your regular diet. Beside tasting good, yogurt can provide many health benefits from helping you lose weight to boosting your immune system and improving your digestive function.

Are Refined Carbohydrates and The Diseases of Modern Civilization Linked?

Eating habits have changed as the world became more civilized. More people needed to be fed and more expeditious ways were found to make that happen. Along with the modern developments came some unintended consequences.

Probiotics Foods May Be Beneficial To Your Health

Bacteria are an inescapable part of our life. Most of us think of negative things when we hear the word bacteria but, not all bacteria are created equal.

Quinoa: Who Knew?

How can a little seed like this cook into something that I will enjoy eating? Come on, who are you trying to kid? That’s what I thought before I actually tried it!

All Disease Begins in the Gut

Although it’s been over two thousand years since Hippocrates made this statement, it has never been as true as it is today. Our digestive tracts are passageways through one end of the body to the other that for the most part, provide a barrier between the outside world and our insides. It’s only through the digestive process involving specialized cells that the nutrients from food actually enter the body and any disruption in the health, function, or interaction of these cells with each other or their environment can significantly compromise not only the absorption of nutrients but also our overall health.

The Ultimate “Ab Toner” Diet – You Can’t Get Abs Without It! Part 2

The “Ab Toner Diet” shows you everything you need to know about diet and nutrition to lose stomach fat and get six pack abs, it’s basically a six pack abs shortcut for guys. And by the way, nutrition is 80% of your six pack abs results and without the right nutrition guide you won’t get very far with your ab workouts!

Amazing Things About Pure Herbs – Contemporary Health Potions

The use of pure herbs as a means of enhancing health continues to rise. There are numerous health advantages that can be derived from natural herbs since the ancient times. Modern medicines and treatments are said to have been based on herbal treatment procedures.

Finding Food Allergies May Change Your Life

A food allergy refers to an abnormal immune response to an allergen present in food. The symptoms due to this aberrant immune response are highly variable and may affect many organ systems, and in rare cases can be life threatening also.

Tips on How to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

With the vast choice of junk food out there, it is no surprise that kids these days would rather eat chips, candies and chocolates rather than healthy meals. Furthermore, kids today are under continuous assault by food advertising, making junk food very desirable to their eyes. As parents, it is our duty to make sure that our kids are eating right and getting the proper nutrition that their rapidly growing bodies need. With this, let me share to you some tips on how to make your kids eat healthy foods.

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