Top Causes of Chest Pain: 5 Signs You Could Be Having a Heart Attack!

Yoga and Its Principles

Yoga means intertwining or coupling and is basically a spiritual discipline. It originated in the Hindu spiritualism and is an ascetic discipline too. A part of it is also broadly used for relaxation and health. This includes controlling of breath and posing in specific poses. Female and male practitioners are known as a yogini and yogi respectively.

Benefits Of Yoga On Women

Yoga is very beneficial to women as their bodies undergo various biological changes as they move through various stages of life; from childhood to adolescence to motherhood and also as they play their various roles in the society. Yoga during childhood Yoga is very beneficial to children as it aids in keeping them active thus keeping childhood obesity at bay, it helps in reducing stress caused by day to day routine of going to school, reading, playing and keeping up with their parents busy lives, it aids in boosting the childrens confidence as they interact with…

Branches of Yoga

There are six branches of yoga each with its own characteristics and functions. These branches all offer various approaches to life. It is important for one to establish the reason for choosing to practice yoga so as to know the right branch to take. These branches are not exclusive of each other as they tend to overlap.

Yoga And Its History

No one is very sure about the history of Yoga; however, speculation has it that yoga originated from the East. With the archeological discovery of the Indus civilization, it is estimated that the practice of yoga began around 5000 years ago in India. The following are the four historical periods of yoga: Vedic Period This period is marked by the existence of the Vedas.

A Guide to Smartlipo Triplex Laser Liposuction

Smartlipo Triplex procedure can treat almost all the body parts such as upper arms, abdomen, outer and inner thighs, hips, waist, breast, ankles and chin.Smartlipo Triplex liposuction does generate results that last and also are much closer to patient expectations than conventional liposuction surgery or laser liposuction techniques.

Love To Eat? Hate Your Belly? Here’s An Easy Way To Handle Both Issues!

For some reason, our bodies love to hang fat around our mid-section. Or, maybe the fact is that fat just loves to hang around our mid-section. Regardless of which is the cause, the truth of the matter is that fat around the mid-section can be ugly, uncomfortable, and can cause a host of health problems that we could all do without.

Why Illness And Cancer Is Likely To Return When Conventional Treatment Is The Only Strategy!

There are many studies and reports of a strong link between poor nutrition, illness and various forms of cancer. The many people who have acknowledged this kind of experience as such are able to confirm that these are facts and not just science-fiction. Misinformation and misguided practises leave people vulnerable when it comes to the appropriated cancer treatment which is manageable and sustainable without recurrence. Cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, which often has a minimal success rate, will do nothing to prevent cancer from coming back. It is many times the case that cancer is likely to return somewhere else in the body. Not only for cancer, for any sickness, it’s easier to prevent an illness than to cure one. After treatment for any illness and having a positive result, what is the reason for the same or other type of illness to come back? Do we ever think back and ask ourselves the question: Why did I get this in the first place? Did I let my guard down for this to happen? Or being unaware where I have gone wrong, am I repeating it and letting the same thing happen again?

The New A2B4CT of HIV Prevention

For close to 25 years the standard HIV prevention strategy was the ABC sexual behaviour change strategy: Abstain, be Faithful, and use Condoms. Today, this strategy has all but faded into the background, with only condoms remaining on the tick-list of ‘to do’s’. The evidence was clear: New infections continued to rise steadily year after year, regardless of ABC.

Steps To Follow To Be a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is fun and sometimes people who understand it enjoy it such that they want to pass the knowledge to other people. If you are one of the people who would like to teach yoga as a profession, here are steps that you need to follow.

Understanding Yoga Benefits

Although, started in India over 5,000 years, yoga is ideal for any person. Of major importance are the benefits that come with it. If you have been skeptical of joining yoga, here are some benefits that might motivate you to join it. The benefits are mental, physical and biochemical.

3 Main Types Of Yoga

If you are new in yoga, you are bound to be confused. This is due to the many yoga classes with different descriptions of the kinds of yoga that they offer. If you are planning on joining yoga in the future, here are 3 of the common types of yoga that you can join.

Why A Teaching Clinic?

Teaching clinics, as a part of a chiropractic college, give students and instructors access to valuable resources. In addition to being a good source of experience with patients, a fully operational clinic can also prove to be a useful research site and expose students to the sort of tools they will have at their disposal during their career.

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