Top Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Works With Fasting For Weight Loss & Health

Antioxidants And Disease Prevention: How Can Antioxidants Fight Against Cancer?

How can antioxidants prevent disease such as cancer? The first thing you need to know is how antioxidants work and what kind of antioxidants work best.

You Are What You Eat – Why Food Journaling Can Make a Difference in Your Health!

The reaction clients have to keeping a food journal is comparative to someone forcing a person to watch every episode of “Barney and Friends” with 20 preschoolers hopped up on pixie sticks and sodas… not a fun experience (don’t ask me how I know!) Food journaling is a major player in the quest for health and fitness. We can’t out exercise good nutrition so we need to partner them for success

Multivitamin: Read This ASAP!

Will I benefit from taking a multimineral and multivitamin tablet each day? Will it interfere with the diabetes or my high blood pressure medication?

Vitamins Are a Must These Days

The breaking news for the year 2014 is that vitamins are now a necessary staple in our diets, now that is has been confirmed that all processed foods are virtually stripped of all minerals and nutrients that our bodies need for sustaining a vibrant immune system. Not even the vegetables have the nutrients we all assumed were laden with nutrients, and fiber our bodies need. Because of over farming, the planting and replanting on the same soil, harvest after harvest has robbed the soil of it’s nutritional yield. And our bodies absolutely need those nutrients and minerals that were once plentiful from our farming community. As a result of this absence of nutrients and minerals, america and in other developed countries, we are facing medical maladies approaching epidemic proportions. And we can and must take action now. The science is clear, the results of the research are unambiguous, healthy looking people are literally starving to death. How can an overweight person be on the verge of starvation, simple, our bodies need nutrients and minerals for survival. Here are what make up nutrients; vitamin B, calcium, carbohydrates,cholesterol, fat, fiber, folic acid, and more, all used in the organisms metabolism.

Clean Kitchen = Clean Body

I believe the easiest way to boost our health is to create a healthy kitchen. Here are some ways to make grocery shopping guilt free while stocking your pantry with yummy foods!

The Benefit of Juicing and Blending: Adding Drinks to Get the Proper Nutrition in Food

What are the benefits of juicing or blending fruits and vegetables? Discover the difference between juicing fruits and vegetables and blending them, and the best way to incorporate these drinks into your diet.

Zi Xiu Tang Capsules Are Revolutionary Weight Loss Supplements

If you have taken a New Year resolution to lose weight, go for natural supplements that contain bee pollen, lotus seed and Chinese yam. You will soon see yourself slimmer and fitter and become a New You. Natural ingredients will not have any harmful side effects.

Digestion Problems – Easy Ways To Avoid Digestion Problems

Many people face digestive disorders. While these issues can be genetic, some are brought on by lifestyle choices. Either way, what you put in your body can directly affect your health in a positive or negative way. Making a few observations about your digestion problems and taking action will significantly boost your quality of life. Digestion problems lead to lack of sleep, poor moods, and overall health complications. Fighting these issues is vital to feeling and performing at your best.

There Is Always Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Dessert

Just keep in mind that the better the ingredients used, the more nutritious the dessert. So, buy organic, pure, local, and fresh and your little dessert cheats could actually become a daily experience with all its benefits!

Can You Drink a Beer While on Your Diet?

Is it possible to drink beer or wine when you are trying to live healthy and lose weight? It depends on who you ask and which type of alcohol you are asking about. Drinking alcohol in moderation is the key. Beer or wine can actually have many wonderful health benefits when consumed in moderation!

Reasons to Drink More Water for Optimal Living!

We always read that we should drink more water, but why? This article explains the many benefits of drinking enough water.

Don’t Throw Out the Yolks!

Eggs can do great things for you, from satiating your appetite to even helping increase weight loss! Many people that only eat egg whites may be doing themselves a disfavor. The yolks of eggs are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, protein, and healthy fats! Due to their cholesterol level a moderate consumption of egg yolks can be very beneficial for people trying to lose weight or just maintain a sustainable lifestyle!

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