Understanding Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Symptoms: 7 Facts You Should Know!

The Many Health Benefits of Selenium Will Amaze You

The importance of trace minerals in the body cannot be overstated, especially when talking about the benefits of selenium. Your body’s immune system must have the right vitamins and minerals to work, and they all have their importance. But selenium is one of the special trace minerals, that can really help you if it’s adequately in your system, or can lead you to illness and death if it is not.

The Real Battle We Have to Win to Get Into Shape

Before you can build the body of your dreams, you need to learn how to defeat the only force that can really stop you. “I’m going to really stick to this training program and diet and completely change my body!” thinks the wannabe athlete.

Understanding Your Blood Work

At some point in our lives we fall sick enough to warrant a blood test. The first thing we do when we get those blood test results is to scrutinize it and see if we can understand anything at all.

What Is a Proper Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

One thing that you should know about irritable bowel syndrome is the fact that diet has a lot to do with it. Eating the right foods can definitely help ease the various manifestations of this illness in a person’s life.

Don’t You Mess With My Medicare

Hope and Change! That’s what the voters were promised back in 2008. Well it worked. We all hope that things will change.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury – What Is a PCL Injury and What Can I Do About It?

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) in the knee is sometimes injured or torn. If you are experiencing knee pain that you think may be an ACL injury or a PCL tear, read this article for additional information. Less common than ACL injuries, PCL damage may be more difficult to diagnose. Learn more about the posterior cruciate ligament.

How Shieldite Can Protect You From Dangerous Positive Ions

One of the growing issues affecting people’s health is what is called geopathic stress which is a strong source of positive ions flowing into and filling a space. It has been known for a long time how EMFs create positive ions but now there is an ever increasing generation of positive ions from piping under houses and streets.

Your Defect and Your Surgeon for Microtia

If you have a defect on your ear, whether it be something you had from birth or whether it be from an accident, it is likely you will need to see a surgeon for microtia. Get your defect diagnosed and find the right doctor to correct the problem.

Interpreting Ranges in Blood Work

Every time you have a blood test, you run this fear that things may not be so good for you when the blood test results come in. Rather than wait for your next appointment with the doctor for what exactly is wrong with you, you may want to give reading your labtest results a shot.

Finding The Best Personal Trainer That Suits You

There are lots of ways for you to lose your weight. Discover some of these and get rid of those excess fats now.

Natural Methods That Can Help In Mole And Tag Removal

There are many natural wart and skin tag removal methods available, which many people don’t seem to be aware off. Home remedies are safe and permanent methods to remove the skin tags from your body.

Smoothies Vs Juices: Which Is Best?

So you know that eating fruits and vegetables is great for your health and well-being, but what about when you have them in a smoothie or juice? Do they retain all those wonderful health promoting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber or do they compromise their ingredients nutritional value, and so the benefits your body can get from them? Are juices better for you to consume than smoothies or is it the other way around? In this article we shall be looking at the ways in which we process our fruits and vegetables when you make smoothies and juices, how this affects your body when you consume them, and also take a look at the overall pluses and minuses regarding each type of food processing.

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